APB: Reloaded is the rebooted free to play version of the doomed original, All Points Bulletin. It's still a free-roaming violent massively multiplayer online game, but it's been improved in some areas. It's not exactly GTA online, and it has flaws, but APB: Reloaded is worth trying out. PlayOnMac will allow you to play your favorite games on Mac easily. Vcrun2012, Easy anti-cheat. # +# Note: the installer (APBReloadedDownloader.exe) does download 2 files: APBReloadedInstaller.exe and Client1.20.0.810463.7z # # CHANGELOG # Dadu042 (2020-05-19 09-00) # Initial script. # # KNOWN ISSUES: -# - Wine amd64 5.7: X.

APB Reloaded is the free to play re-release of the ultimately unsuccessful, All Points Bulletin.

All Points Bulletin was released in June 2010 and was an immediate flop. It's marketing was poor and going up against giants at the time like City of Heroes and the ever present World of Warcraft, it didn't have enough that set it aside from more established titles to warrant the pay model it sported. Less than two months after it's release the developers, Realtime Worlds, were placed into administration and the writing seemed to be on the wall for this ill fated MMO.

However, shortly after Realtime Worlds went into administration they and APB were bought up by 2K Games and APB was swiftly retooled and released with a new Free to Play model with some added mechanics as APB: Reloaded. Since then it's seen moderate success and this year it was announced that the game would see a release on Playstation 4 and XBox One in quarter four of 2015.

The game itself has many of the trappings of the MMO genre. You create a character and then work your way up the levels gaining new abilities and access to new areas. The game has a pretty healthy player base so as with most MMOs you have the option to struggle away on your own or team up with other players you've met online or know from real life.

Where the game really shines is in it's massive level of customisation. There's not many MMOs beyond City of Heroes that can boast this level of customisation options in the character creator. It's to the games credit and it really does add a unique feel to the world as you'll never see two characters who look the same.

It's let down slightly on the gameplay front as it's heavily focused around gun play and as with a lot of MMOs, latency issues tend to strike. There's a reason why established veterans such as WoW stick to comparatively simple combat systems.


  • Free to Play
  • Great Customisation


  • Poor Combat
  • Repetitive Missions
  • A Sometimes Toxic Playerbase
  • Download

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