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CSC is the biggest charting effort for the Clone Hero community; Together, we have produced thousands of charts, whether in the form of individual releases setlistsandpacks, which are regularly uploaded on our YouTube channel and promoted on our Discord server.

Clone hero mac download windows 10

We aim to provide you with the highest standards of charting: our charts, setlists and packs are thoroughly peer reviewed, and CSC gathers some of the most influential, skilled and dedicated charters in the community. Our motivation and ideas are driven by the community and we strive to make content that is high quality, accessible and enjoyable.

Clone Hero Mac Download Windows 10

As such, our recent setlists and packs implement full difficulties, feature lyrics and comply to the latest Clone Hero features and advances, such as full time signature support.

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Clone Hero Mac Download

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Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock is a great musical game. This franchise defined a genre and all of the games in it make for great party games. In my opinion, Guitar Hero 3 is the best Guitar Hero game. It is the one I have played a lot over the years, even having the newest titles. It plays like any of the other games. Moonscraper is a charting software first created by FireFox in 2016 to make utilizing new features such as tap notes and open notes brought by ExileLord's GH3+ mod more accessible. Since then, it has been in constant development and has full support for Clone Hero.

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