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Download Dvd To Computer Mac

It's really annoying that due to day-to-day use your favorite movie DVD is scratched by friends, children, or yourself. Why don't you make a copy of them? Then you could just use the backups and treasure up the original ones. When you want to backup a DVD with your Macintosh, you need a Mac DVD copy application. There are 3 steps of a general DVD Copy process:

1. Extracting the DVD to your computer (Reading)

2. Compressing the movie so it will fit on a DVD (Transcoding)


3. Burn the movie to a DVD (Burning)

4Media DVD Copy for Mac makes it easy to copy any DVD to a new disc, ISO file or DVD folder with high quality. You just need to insert the DVD you want to copy and 4Media DVD copy will lead you to finish the following process. You can also burn ISO file or DVD folder to DVD disc. The DVD copy Mac software can copy DVD-5 (4.7GB disc) to DVD-5, copy DVD-9 (Dual layer 8.5GB disc) to DVD-9 in 1:1 ratio and also compress DVD-9 to DVD-5. And here is the step-by-step guide to show you how to copy DVD to a new disc, DVD folder or ISO file and to burn DVD folder or ISO file to DVD. Surely, you should download, install and launch 4Media DVD copy for Mac firstly and make sure the DVD you want to copy (source DVD) and a new DVD disc (target DVD) are at hand.

Step 1: After inserting the DVD you want to DVD backup into your Mac computer, click and choose to open DVD folder in the 'Source' box to select your DVD disc.

How to download a dvd to my mac computerCopy dvd to mac

Step 2: Click to select the DVD±ROM Drive in the 'Target' box.

Step 3: Choose the DVD copy mode: If you want to copy main movie only, click 'Main Movie Mode' button to get the main movie. Otherwise, select 'Full Movie Mode' if you want to copy entire movie.

Step 4: Setting (optional)

Download Dvd To Computer Mac

Click the triangle on the right of the interface to expand the 'Setting' panel, and select the 'Temporary File Folder' to save. It's just used to store the temporary files for DVD copy and will be cleared after DVD backup finished.
'Audio' and 'Subtitle' mean that you can select all, none or part of them to copy into the target DVD.

If you want the DVD copy to contain DVD menu, check 'Include Menu'. Meanwhile, checking 'Skip Menu' means that the player will skip menu when playing copied DVD.

Step 5: After finishing all these, click the large round button at the bottom right. Choose the type of the target disc (the new disc you prepared) in the 'Size' dialog box that appears.

Click 'OK', then the software starts the first process 'Reading' and will copy the read content to temporary file folder.

Step 6: When the 'Reading' process is done, the DVD-ROM ejects the source DVD automatically. Then the 'Waiting for disc' dialog box appears, as shown below.

Insert an empty DVD disc, the target DVD disc, and click 'Retry' to continue.
Tip: If the disc is not an empty one, it will remind you of erasing or not.

Step 7: After finishing all these, the software begins to copy.

How To Copy Dvd To Computer

After copying is over, the pop-up dialog box will remind you of exiting or copying another new disc.

Download Dvd To Computer To Rip

The steps mentioned above are a whole DVD-to-DVD process. If there's no empty disc at hand, just change the target to save as DVD folder or ISO file on your Mac for access next time. That is DVD to DVD folder/ISO file process. And further more, you can burn a DVD folder or ISO file to a DVD disc if you want using 4Media DVD Copy for Mac effortlessly.