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Getting Over It belongs to the action game, players will simulate characters, then use the hammer to move to the destination. The gameplay consists of two buttons, moving forward and backward, but players are difficult to overcome obstacles. Now, players can download and play Getting Over It on their Android phone for free.

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy APK 2019 for Android


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Note: This is not the official version of the game Getting Over It from Bennett Foddy. Users may get some unexpected bugs.

In the game, you will play a guy trapped in a jar and only half of the body outside. He would have to use a long-wheeled sledgehammer to cross massive boulders with a lot of objects to complete the challenge.

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In order to move, the character must constantly swing the hammer to hook the rock or object to climb. Instead of using the mouse to control a computer, the player controls the character by touching the screen. Cliffs, objects are not in order to create a big challenge for players. However, the most difficult point is that all your efforts can be into Zero at any time no matter how high you climb. But just a second of carelessness, you will be felt down on the ground. There will be the times when the player must be on a cliff or a piece of furniture that cannot escape without a smart move. Although it does not have a complicated storyline or graphics background, Getting Over It makes you spend a lot of time with it. Getting Over It creates an innocent “inhibition” not only for those who are playing but also for those who are around them.

The key features of the game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy APK 2019 for Android:

Getting Over It Mac Free

  • Climbing when locked in half and only one hammer in hand.
  • It will take you so many times to play the certain level.
  • It will be stressful for the players if they do not know how to overcome the challenge.
  • The mysterious reward for successful climbers.

In fact, the game Getting Over It for Android is not the official version. The owner of Getting Over It is officially Bennett Foddy (The leading gaming developer) and is expected to be released on Steam for the Windows platform on Dec 6th.

You can wait until the game Get Over It with Bennett Foddy is officially released on Steam on 6/12. If you are eager to try before, you can download Over It for Android now.