Mac vs Windows. Windows vs Mac. Why choose if you can get the best of both worlds by dual booting? Install Windows on Mac so you can jump back and forth from one operating system to another on the same computer.

After the download is finished you will need to partition the 256 GB on your Macbook Air. I only gave 10 GB for Windows 7 since I only use it to open Windows specific files such as.exe and stuff. If you are going to start using it more than your Mac OS X, I would probably give it at least 100 GB or more to use. From your Mac, go to Note The download site detects what Operating System you are using, and will only give you the correct options to do this if you go to the site from a Mac. Review the information under Before you begin, and how to create installation media. Under Select Edition, choose the Windows 10 Anniversary Update that matches your edition.

By now, the practice is well-established and Windows can work on Mac well. In this article, we’ll have a deep look at installing Windows on Mac. Don’t worry, we’ll have your back the whole way through!

Boot Camp for Mac vs virtualization software

If you want to install Windows on your Mac, you have two options. You can either use Mac Boot Camp, a native feature of the macOS operating system, or you can use a third party virtualization program. Both methods have their own pros and cons, so let’s dive in.

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Boot Camp is built into the operating system of all Macs. If you go to your Applications > Utilities folder, you’ll see the Boot Camp Assistant app. It makes the separate partition on your hard drive for installing and running Windows. Once Windows is installed in Boot Camp, every time you turn on your Mac, you will be asked to choose the operating system you want to run. This means that in order to switch from macOS to Windows, you need to reboot your computer.


  • built into your operating system
  • easy to use — Boot Camp Assistant guides you through the installation process
  • puts less strain on your Mac’s memory and processing power
  • completely free (not Windows of course)
  • easy to update


  • you need to reboot your computer to switch between the systems
  • transferring data between operating systems isn’t easy

Virtualization programs are third-party applications that allow to install a separate operating system on one machine. They run like any other app on your Mac, so you can see the entire Windows desktop within a window on your computer.

Among the most popular virtualization programs are VirtualBox, Parallels, and VMware. Each one has its peculiarities, but we’ll try to sum up what they have in common.


  • you can run both operating systems at the same time
  • easy file integration between systems


  • you need at least 8 GB of RAM for Mac to run smoothly
  • virtualization apps are not cheap
  • updates are not free

Depending on your specific needs, you can choose the option that works best for you. But we suggest using Boot Camp. It’s a free native feature of your operating system, running directly on your hardware. Therefore, it will be faster than any other method. And below, you’ll find all information on how to run Boot Camp on your Mac.

How to use Boot Camp: Preparing your Mac

1. Check the system requirements

Some versions of Windows require a certain processor and more hard drive space than the others. Therefore, you have to check the documentation that came with your copy of Windows to learn what you need.

You also need to make sure that your Mac is compatible with the version of Windows you want to install. For instance, Windows 10 is supported on these models:

WindowsDownload Windows Mac Iso
  • MacBook (2015 and later)
  • MacBook Pro (2012 and later)
  • MacBook Air (2012 and later)
  • iMac (2012 and later)
  • Mac Mini (2012 and later)

2. Clean up your hard drive

You need to have at least 55 GB of free disk space on your startup drive for installing Windows on a Mac. And if you don’t feel like spending the next several hours cleaning your Mac manually, you can use a powerful utility CleanMyMac X to find and remove all the junk from your startup disk.

CleanMyMac has everything to finish the 3-hour task of cleaning your hard drive in less than 5 minutes. It will scan every inch of your system and remove gigabytes of junk in two clicks. By the way, CleanMyMac finds about 75 GB of junk on average — more than enough for a smooth Windows installation.

Here’s how to clean your Mac with CleanMyMac X:

  1. Download CleanMyMac here.
  2. Run the app and click Scan.
  3. Click Run.

That’s it! Gigabytes of junk are gone from your computer forever.

3. Back up your Mac

Finally, you should also perform a backup of your Mac in case something goes wrong. Although, it happens very rarely, it’s always better to back up your important data. There are a few methods of backing up your Mac, so choose the most convenient one for you.

You can make automatic backups with Time Machine — software that comes with your Mac. It backs up all data, so you can recover individual files or your entire system from your backups. You may also store files in iCloud and access them whenever you need. iCloud comes with 5 GB of free storage but you can upgrade it any time. If you have an external storage device, you can copy some files and folders on it.

We do recommend you to back up your Mac before installing Windows as it minimizes the chance of losing important data.

How to Install Windows with Boot Camp

Here’s how to install Boot Camp. The installation can be a little time consuming, but it is by no means difficult. Check out the details below.

Step 1: Get a Windows disk image

First of all, you need to get the Windows disk image (ISO file) from the Microsoft website. Here’s how to download it:

  1. Visit the Windows 10 disk image download website.
  2. Go to the Select edition menu and choose Windows 10.
  3. Click Confirm.
  4. Choose the language of installation and click Confirm.
  5. Click 64-bit Download and then click Save.

The ISO file now will be downloaded to your Mac.

Download Windows Mac Iso

Step 2: Open Boot Camp Assistant

Boot Camp Assistant guides you through installing Windows on your Mac. You just have to follow the onscreen instructions. To launch the Boot Camp Assistant, go to Applications > Utilities folder. Click continue and Boot Camp for Mac will automatically locate the ISO file on your system.

Step 3: Create a partition for Windows

When you are done with the Assistant, your Mac restarts to the Windows installer. When you are asked where you want to install Windows, choose the BOOTCAMP partition and click Format.

*Note that this step is only required if you’re using a flash drive or optical drive to install Windows. In other cases, the right partition will be selected and formatted for you automatically.

Step 4: Install Windows

To finish the installation, you have to follow the onscreen instructions. Take a long breath — the next 12 steps may seem like climbing Everest, but it’s much easier than you think. Here’s how to install Windows on a Mac:

  1. Choose your ISO file and click the Install button.
  2. Type your Password and click OK. You will see the Windows Setup screen.
  3. Select your language.
  4. Click Install Now.
  5. Type your product key if you have it. Otherwise, click 'I don’t have a product key'.
  6. Select Windows 10 Pro or Windows Home and then click Next.
  7. Click Drive 0 Partition X: BOOTCAMP.
  8. Click Next. Windows 10 will be installed.
  9. When the Setup screen appears, click either Use Express Settings or Customize Your Installation. We recommend you to choose the Customize button and disable most, if not all of the switches.
  10. Then you’ll be asked to create an account. Type a username. You can also add a password if you want.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Choose whether you want to use the Cortana personal assistant or not. You can disable it by clicking Not Now button.

Windows will boot fully so you can use it normally.

On the Welcome to Boot Camp Installer box, click Next and accept the terms in the license agreement. Then click Install to proceed. When the installer completes, click Finish to reboot your machine.

Step 5: Restart your Mac

By default, your Mac will still boot to macOS. To access Windows, you have to turn your Mac off and then turn it on while holding the Option (Alt) key. You will be asked from which drive you’d like to boot.

Note that while in Windows, the Mac’s Command key functions as the Windows key, while the Option key functions as the Alt key. If you have a Touch Bar, you’ll see a complete set of buttons, similar to the Control Strip in macOS.

How to remove Windows from your Mac

If for some reasons you don’t need Windows anymore, you can permanently remove it from your Mac. Follow these steps:

  1. Boot into macOS, launch Boot Camp Assistant and click Continue.
  2. Choose 'Remove Windows 7 or later version' or 'Remove Windows 10 or later version'.
  3. Click Restore when you see the Restore Disk to a Single Volume option.

The Boot Camp Assistant will automatically remove Windows from your Mac.

Warning: All data, including software and files, stored on the Windows partition will be deleted, so make the backup copies first.

That may seem like a lot of steps, but it doesn’t take all that long to install Windows on a Mac. Now you can enjoy two operating systems and switch between them right when you need. Cheers!

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Windows ME stands for Windows Millennium edition and its codename is Millennium. It is a type of graphical OS (Operating System) which was developed by Microsoft is a component of its Windows 9x family belonging to the Operating system. Windows ME is preceded by Windows 98 which was released in 1998 while it is succeeded by Windows XP which was released in 2001. Its source model is of closed source. Windows ME was liberated to manufacturing on 19th June 2000 while it was commonly available from 14th September 2000.

Windows Millennium edition was probably the OS that was released under the series of windows 9x and it was addressed particularly to meet the utilization of home PC users. Moreover, it also included Windows Media Player 7, Internet Explorer 5.5, and software called Windows Movie Maker which was used to edit basic videos and it was designed in such a way that it could provide ease to the home PC users.

Moreover, Microsoft updated the interface of the graphical user, Windows Explorer, shell features and some of those which were earlier introduced in Windows 2000. Windows ME could be modified to Outlook express 6 SP 1, Internet Explorer 6 SP1 and the series of Windows media player 9. Many versions including 3.x, 2.0 SP1 and higher are not supported. However, version 2.0, as well as the Microsoft .NET Framework, are supported very well. The very last version of Microsoft Office that was easily compatible with the Windows millennium edition was Office XP.

License / Product Key
Free Trial

File Size
498MB / 446MB


Microsoft Inc.

Windows ME was an addition of the model of Windows 9x and is similarly based on DOS as its predecessors are but the access to the real mode MS-DOS is restricted to minimize the time taken by the system to boot.

The latest version of Windows ME being 4.90.3000 was released on 14th September 2000, almost 19 years ago.

Not long after Windows ME was discharged to assembling on 19th June 2000, Microsoft propelled a crusade activity to advance Windows ME in the United States, which they named the Meet Me Tour. A national banded together limited-time program highlighted OEMs, Windows ME and different accomplices in an intuitive mixed media fascination in 25 urban communities over the U.S. It was propelled on 14th September 2000. Contrasted and different arrivals of Windows, Windows ME had a short time span of usability of a little more than a year.

Microsoft intended to make ME the primary customer Windows OS dependent on the NT bit. In any case, this did not occur and Windows ME was raced to the market after the Neptune venture was dropped. Windows ME was regularly reprimanded for being Surrey, moderate, and unstable. Windows ME, alongside Windows 2000, was before long supplanted by the NT-based Windows XP, which was propelled on 24th August 2001.

Some of the features of Windows ME-

Download Windows Mac Os X Iso

  • User interface: – Windows ME displayed the feature of shell enhancement that is hereditary of Windows 2000 that includes re-designed Windows explorer toolbars,customizable menus, autocomplete in the run box and address bar of windows explorer, addressing comments as tooltips in shortcut, advanced features of file-type association of windows 2000, icon superimpose, expandable columns present in Details view, features of sort by name for menus, combined search layout in windows explorer, some themes of Plus! 98 and Plus! 95 and some of the refreshed graphics. Options including start menu and taskbar granted restriction of the feature of drag and drop and could avoid the resizing or moving of the taskbar, which became clear and effortless for the new users.
  • Improvements for hardware support: – The DirectShow, DirectSound, wave out APIs approve support for such formats which are non-PCM as in WMA or AC-3 over S/PDIF. Suspend operations and the features of power management are also improved. The sleep state of ACPI S4 which is controlled by OS has been supported by Windows Millennium edition OEM version.
  • Support for firewire and USB has been improved: – Windows ME is the main working framework in the Windows 9x arrangement that incorporates nonexclusive drivers for USB printers and USB mass stockpiling devices. Support for capacity gadgets and FireWire SBP2 scanners is additionally improved.
  • Networking technologies: – A new feature which is termed as the net crawling feature has been introduced to Windows ME that spontaneously finds and generates shortcuts to printers and network shares in my network places. The Home networking wizard is designed in such a way that it helps the users to set up and manage a PC that is capable of running Windows ME in it for using it on a minor network from home. This incorporates setting up a type of connection termed as Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on a PC running Windows ME so the PC can impart an association with the Internet to different PCs on the home system.

System Requirements

  • It is most important to know the fact that Windows ME runs only on an x86 system. For the above system, the requirements are stated below-
  • The CPU requirement is a minimum of 150 MHz and should consist of Pentium while the recommended requirements are of 300 MHz as well as the use of Pentium 2.
  • In the case of memory, the minimum requirement is of 32 MB while the recommended memory is 64 MB for the better use.
  • CD or DVD drive 3.5″ inch floppy drive.
  • The Media recommended is a CD or DVD drive 3.5″ inch floppy drive.
  • The minimum display requirement is VGA while the recommended requirement is SVGA Video capture device for Windows Movie Maker.
  • The minimum requirement for Sound hardware is sound card and speakers or headphones while the recommendations are of using Microphone for Windows Movie Maker.
  • When it comes to the case of network requirement, there is no specific use but if you look at the recommendations, it requires 56.6 Kbps modem or faster with the current Internet connection.
  • In the case of the use of input devices, Mouse or compatible pointing device can be used.

Steps to install Windows ME ISO

Windows Mac Iso Free Download

  • understanding so you realize what you’re consenting to.
  • Enter your product key and press Next. This is a 25 digit key which ought to have accompanied the Windows ME installation disk.
  • Select “no”. Everything boils down to individual inclination, however in this instructional exercise, “no” was chosen, trailed by press Next.
  • In the event that you have updated from a past adaptation of Windows, this message is asking whether you might want to keep the working framework you are overhauling from so that on the off chance that you don’t care for Windows ME, you can return to a more established form of Windows.
  • The startup disk is there so that in the occasion Windows ME can’t boot, the PC will search for the startup disk and can boot Windows typically.
  • Overlook this message (except if you put a clear floppy disk in the drive) and press OK.
  • Press Finish. Overlook this message (except if you put a clear floppy disk in the drive) and press OK.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Fix a solidified screen. Should the PC solidify here, restart it.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Proceed with the establishment.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Type in your username (and password in the event that you have assigned one) and press OK.

Free Windows Iso Image Download

Windows ME ISO Download: Window ME free Download - ISORIVER

Windows ME stands for Windows Millennium edition and its codename is Millennium. It is a type of graphical OS (Operating System) which was developed by

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