Convert and download youtube videos to mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) files for free. There is no registration or software needed. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to grab (click in the URL bar, then click Command + A and Command + C). Open the Toolbox menu from the Menu bar. Click Download Video. Jan 17, 2020 This wikiHow teaches you different ways to save YouTube videos to your Mac so you can watch them offline. If you don't mind standing by while the video plays, you can record it using QuickTime's screen-recording tools. Quick Guide to Download Videos. Copy the Video URL that you want to download and paste it to the 'Search' box. Then click 'Download'. After analyzing, you can choose which type and format you want to save the video and click “Download”. Now, open a new tab in your web browser, visit Once you land on the website, paste the copied video URL into the search bar on the website.

YouTube is certainly a heaven for video lovers. You can easily discover videos and music in different genres on this amazing platform, including the trending music videos, latest movie trailers, funny videos, pet videos, gaming moments, etc. YouTubers can also freely share their created videos for interacting with other users from around the world on YouTube, for making new friends with the same hobbies and interests.

Online video streaming is absolutely a trend, but there are still people want to omit some negative problems that would probably happen on online streaming, including the network interruption and video playback errors. Although YouTube knows people’s demands, it still refuse to provide a download service. Why?

YouTube has set terms of service and stated that downloading YouTube videos through third-party tool without permission from the authors is against their policies. This can rise copyright infringement and brings illegal cases. Nevertheless, if you are granted permission before downloading the YouTube videos, or you make sure that the content is completely copyright-free, this behavior (to download YouTube videos for offline playback) is legal. Basing on this, how can we download YouTube videos in HD easily? That’s what we are going to share today. Two ways (both free and paid) are allowed everyone to easily download the YouTube videos you like without hassle!

VLC – Free Download YouTube Video with A Hidden Feature

VLC, whose full name is VLC Media Player, has been a popular media player which can manage to stream media content in many different formats. Every video/audio you throw into it, VLC will handle the playback function well and present the best streaming experience to you. More than its basic and general media playback feature, there are actually more hidden functions it can bring to all of us, including the one to download YouTube videos. So with VLC, you won’t need any other apps or extensions to download YouTube videos you need. Let’s see how we can do this directly using VLC.

STEP 1. First, go to your web browser and visit YouTube platform for discovering the YouTube video you prefer to download. As you access it, you need to copy the URL of the video from the address bar of its video page.

STEP 2. Then launch VLC and move to its main feed. On the menu toolbar, you should go to Media > Open Network System….

STEP 3. Under Network tab, please directly paste the URL of the YouTube video to the downloading box, and then click on the Play button. As you clicking the icon, the video will then be played inside VLC.

STEP 4. Now please go to Tools and click on the Codec Information option. When the Location window pops up, you need to right-click the text and choose Copy option for copying the whole content.

STEP 5. Carry the copied content and go to your web browser again. Now directly insert the link into the address bar and press Enter for going to it. When it leads you to the original source file on YouTube’s servers directly, you can right-click the video and select Save Video As for downloading it to your computer.

VideoHunter – The Best Software for Win/Mac to Download YouTube Videos in HD

Glancing through the steps to download YouTube videos with VLC Media Player, you would probably notice that a drawback of using VLC to download YouTube videos is that you have no option in selecting what format and which quality to save the videos offline. For people who pursue high output quality, this is not an ideal option.

VideoHunter, the best YouTube video downloader since ever, is now recommended to help you download YouTube videos with the best quality for streaming offline. With powerful and sparking features, VideoHunter brings its best services to all users for enjoying. Let’s first have an overview on its general features.

Over 1,000 video sites supported – VideoHunter supports to download online videos from 1,000+ sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc.;

Download in mainstream formats – MP3, MP4, and WEBM are available to save the downloaded videos for having flexible playback on different systems or players;

Provide built-in converter – To enable more convenient media content playback, a converter is provided for changing the formats of the files freely (only on Mac now);

Strip music and subtitles from videos – VideoHunter can also work to convert music videos into an audio file. Moreover, saving subtitles from videos in SRT format is also available;

6X faster speed to convert and download videos – VideoHunter provides the fastest speed to download online videos simultaneously.

Another highlight of VideoHunter is its operating procedure, which is simple to grasp and can act fluently. Here is the tutorial on how to download YouTube video with VideoHunter.

STEP 1. Like stated in the first method, you need to go to YouTube at first and then copy the URL of the video you are about to download with VideoHunter.

STEP 2. Launch VideoHunter and paste the URL of the YouTube into the downloading bar located in the main feed. If you are using Mac, when you enter the interface of VideoHunter, there are two options to go, Downloader and Converter. You need to select Downloader here.

STEP 3. After pasting the URL, click Analyze button aside and VideoHunter will convert the video for you. When a box of output selections appear, select the format and quality you need, then simply hit the Download button in the lower right corner of the window, then you can download the YouTube video offline.


For users who have no pursuit of the video quality and format selection, VLC is absolutely a good choice, even though its downloading process is a little bit more complicated than VideoHunter performs. For more convenient and high-quality downloads, VideoHunter is more competitive than VLC. Of course, these all base on your own choice.

At times, while browsing, you'll come across the perfect YouTube video to use for your own content. “If only there was a way to download it without asking the owner” – you mutter. The good news is, there are certain websites and applications, commonly referred to as YouTube Downloader, that let you do just that.

There are tons of options when it comes to YouTube downloaders.

While some may cost you a good few dollars to acquire, most are 100% free.

In fact, there are certain platforms that don’t even require you to download any software (all you need is the video URL and you’re good to go).

If you’ve never done this before, and are paranoid that you might end up with a malware, keep reading.

We’ve talked about YouTube video editors in the past. This time, we’ll take you through 15 of the best free YouTube downloaders to try in 2020. In the end, I’ll also take you through quick do’s and don’ts of using these video downloaders.

Let’s get started.

The Best YouTube Downloaders to Try This Year

The following YouTube video grabber tools will reign supreme in 2020.

1. KeepVid

Let’s start off with the most basic (and one of the most popular) tools.

KeepVid (by iTubeGo) is the go-to website to download YouTube videos in MP4 format.

Apart from individual videos, the tool also lets you conveniently download complete YouTube playlists in one go.

Other than that, you can also download videos from Facebook, Instagram, and Dailymotion.

2. y2mate

y2mate is another (rather simple) YouTube to MP4 converter.

Simply copy and paste the video link into the field on the homepage and click “start.”

A great thing about y2mate is that it allows you to download videos in different resolutions, from 144p to 1080p.

Additionally, the tool also lets you download just the audio, or convert and download videos into MP3 files.

3. Videoder

Videoder is a free video downloader available for Windows and Android.

The software lets you download 4K videos from not only YouTube, but over 1,000 other websites, as well (whereas the android version lets you download from a little over 50 different sites).

Furthermore, the desktop version lets you create personal collections of videos and audios. This means no more buffering or browsing through a clutter of files.

Want to create the best YouTube videos? Sign up to Lumen5 and produce thumb-stopping social media content in minutes.

4. Snaptube

Snaptube is another user-friendly tool that lets you download YouTube videos in different resolutions and formats.

Some of the formats that Snaptube supports include M4A, MP4, and MP3.

As of now, the tool is only available for Android, but it isn't available on Google Play - so you’ll need to download the APK.

Similar to the Android version of Videoder, Snaptube lets you download videos from over 50 different sites, besides YouTube.

5. Airy

Airy is a renowned YouTube video downloader that lets you convert videos into various formats and resolutions (including Ultra HD).

Some of the supported formats include:

  • MP4
  • FLV
  • 3GP
  • MP3

Unlike some plug-and-play tools, you'll need to download Airy before you can use it. As of now, it’s available for both Windows and Mac OS.

The tool also integrates with all popular browsers, including:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

This allows you to “save” the videos you like, and download them later.

6. TubeMate

TubeMate is another standard YouTube downloader that lets you grab your favorite videos in MP4 and 4GP formats (as well as in audio formats, including MP3 and WAV).

The tool also comes with its own video player and a built-in search feature that lets you find videos conveniently.

TubeMate is available for both Android and Windows.

7. 4K Video Downloader

Download Youtube Videos Mac Reddit Pirate Bay

4K Downloader is a well-known provider of free content-grabbing products.

Their most popular tool is the 4K Video Downloader, which lets you download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more.

As with TubeMate, this is another tool you'll need to download before you can start using it. At the moment, it’s only available for Windows.

Like a few of the tools discussed earlier, the 4K Video Downloader also lets you download complete playlists. Furthermore, it lets you download complete channels in one go.

8. YT Cutter

Macx Youtube Downloader

At times, we only need certain parts of videos.

Download Youtube Videos

While there are many free tools that let you trim and embed videos, only a few let you actually download them.

One of them is YT Cutter - it lets you download the bits that you like in a few different formats, like so:

It even lets you download files as a GIF. However, if you’d like to learn how to make a GIF, I suggest using a different tool.

9. Gihosoft TubeGet

Gihosoft is a renowned provider of (both paid and free) data recovery tools, file encryption, video convertor, and downloading tools.

Best Way To Download Youtube Videos Reddit

One of their popular products include the Gihosoft TubeGet – a standard, user-friendly YouTube downloader – that’s available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

The tool allows you to download videos in 4 different formats (MP4, MKV, AVI, and MOV).

In addition, it also lets you:

  • Convert downloaded videos from WebM into various popular formats
  • Add subtitles to your videos

There are both free and paid versions available for Gihosoft TubeGet. The only differences between the two versions is that with the later, you also get license(s) and technical support.


YTOFFLINE is a plug-and-play, ready-to-go, YouTube downloader that lets you save your favorite videos on the go.

Just copy and paste the URL into the field and click “Go.”

Once it finishes processing your video, follow these steps:

  • Scroll down and right click on the “Download” button.
  • Select “save link as” (will vary from browser to browser), choose where you want your video to be saved, and click on “Save.”

YTOFFLINE is 100% secure and uses SSL encryption.

11. VideoProc

VideoProc is an extensive video processing software (by Digiarty), with a wide range of capabilities.

With the help of this tool, you can cut, merge, crop, rotate, and do much more to make click-worthy videos.

In addition, the software also includes an built-in “media downloader,' which lets you download videos from over 1,000 websites.

The tool also lets you convert downloaded videos into MP4, MP3, and other formats supported by both iPhones and Android devices.

VideoProc is available for free (for Windows and Mac). There’s also a pro-version with advanced features and additional services.

12. VidMate

Next on the list is VidMate, yet another YouTube downloader for Android.

The platform lets you download videos from YouTube, along with over 200 other platforms.

It also lets you stream online videos in HD.

A key feature of VidMate is its integrated downloader, which provides fast download speeds (even with slow internet connections).

Like all video downloaders, this tool isn’t available on Google Play due to Google’s policy against downloading content from YouTube. Due to that, you’ll have to download the APK and install it manually on your device.

13. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

iTubeGo is an extensive content-grabbing tool that lets you download music and video.

On top of that, it also lets you convert videos into MP3 (audio), download YouTube playlists at once, and manage multiple downloads.

Right now, it’s available for both Windows and Mac. You can enjoy all of the main features with the free version.

14. Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Built for Mac and Windows, Softorino YouTube Converter 2 allows you to convert and download YouTube videos into different formats.

Apart from YouTube, the software also supports up to 60 other platforms.

15. ClipGrab

Marketed as a “friendly downloader for YouTube,” ClipGrab is the last on the list.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not as good as the others. In fact, in terms of simplicity and ease-of-use, it’s one of the best tools out there.

Not only does it allow you to download videos from YouTube, but Vimeo and Facebook, as well.

As of now, ClipGrab is only compatible with Windows.

Is Downloading YouTube Videos Legal?

Download Youtube Videos Mac Reddit

Whether you want to do video marketing or just want to keep content saved on your device, it is illegal to download YouTube videos.

Because of that, most of the tools discussed above aren’t available for download from major app stores.

You should only download a video if:

  • It’s your own property
  • It’s a royalty-free stock footage
  • You get permission from the original owner/uploader

The reason why YouTube discourages downloading is to protect its users and retain them on their platform.

Enjoy Your Videos

Now that you’ve downloaded your favorite video(s), it’s time to spice them up and make them your own assets.

Remember – you can always use Lumen5 to create stunning videos with just a few clicks.

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