“DVDFlick does not work properly on my Mac. This irritates me a lot as I usually used to use this program for burning DVDs on my old laptop and now I have no other alternatives to replace DVDFlick. I know you guys are tech pros so can you kindly give me some options of DVDFlick for Mac alternatives?” Since so many questions like this are flooding, we found it quite necessary for providing the content for DVDFlick Mac alternatives. Before that, a brief introduction of DVDFlick will be given to help users understand deeply what the DVDFlick program is.

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  • DVD Flick is an open source and simple DVD authoring tool, which burn videos into DVD or DVD Image ISO that will play back on DVD player, Media Center or Home Cinema Set. Custom audio track, subtitles as well as a menu for easier navigation. Supports more than 45 file formats, 60 video formats and 40 audio formats.
  • Dvd flick free download - Flick, Apple DVD Player Update, Xilisoft DVD Creator, and many more programs. DV, DivX, XviD, VOB to DVD on Mac. Free to try Editors' rating.
  • Download DVD Flick. This will install DVD Flick and all necessary components. DVD Flick has the following system requirements: Processor: A Pentium MMX or compatible AMD processor, or better. A Pentium IV or later is recommended, the faster the better. Multithreading is supported.

Part 1: What is DVDFlick

DVD Flick is an open-source DVD authoring application for Windows. When the project started with Visual Basic 6, it was meant to be fixed to the Windows systems a decade ago.

DVD Flick comes in a relatively small size of setup package, which usually only contains 40 files for installation. It is capable of importing audio tracks, video files, and subtitles. In the meantime, it can be taken to compose DVD-Video movies or create an ISO image for later burning. But in most cases, people will burn a DVD using DVD Flick. Even though DVD Flick only supports 53 container formats, 42 different types of audio codecs and 72 different types of video codecs, including Windows Media formats, RealMedia, QuickTime, AVI, Flash Video, and various MPEG-compliant formats. All users are happy with the easy-to-use feature. This program supports direct stream copy function only for DVD-compliant MPEG-2 formats.

Download DVD Flick for Windows to get the DVD authoring tool for your PC. DVD Flick has had 0 updates within the past 6 months.

Part 2: Why to Find Alternative to DVDFlick

Dvd Flick For Mac Free Download

It is undeniable that DVDFlick is a great tool to create DVDs on Windows. However, still many other people found it quite bothering for the following points:

1. Working environment availability
DVDFlick fails to work on Mac platforms as it was born on Windows and lack of development for Mac OS. The statics shows that most users are based on Windows 7 and Windows 8 working systems for the optimized results. That could be a sign that this DVDFlick might not suitable for modern usage. But it is quite imaginable that holding an entire program without team support is extremely strenuous. Let's give it some appreciation.

2. Problematic burning process

There are so many people with DVD Flick dealing with a common issue of fixing DVD Flick error 48. As a matter of fact, the runtime issue is not a rare situation if you frequently create DVD files with DVD Flick. Methods are reachable as long as you search online.

3. Not feature-rich for digital fun.

For some video enthusiasts who would like to create homemade videos and burn them to DVDs, DVDFlick does not possess any video editing feature. That’s why looking for the best DVDFlick alternative for Mac is highly demanded. In this way, it is able to save trouble to burn DVD on Mac with DVDFlick alternative for Mac.

Part 3: Top 3 DVDFlick for Mac Alternatives

Talking about DVDFlick for Mac alternatives, it is not hard to mention below the top 5 DVDFlick for Mac alternatives to burn DVD.

Top 1. Leawo DVD Creator for Mac

As one of the best DVDFlick alternatives for Mac software in burning DVDs, Leawo DVD Creator provides services for both Windows and Mac users. This program is a professional tool for burning DVD out from over 180 media formats including AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, Xvid, MOV, and FLV. Implanted with the solid codec support, DVD output of DVD-9 and DVD-5 within diverse resolutions are also available. Besides, image formats like PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, TIF, etc., can be imported and burnt to DVDs in the form of photo slideshows. Moreover, it is capable of providing more than 40 menu templates for users. At the same time, this best DVDFlick alternative for Mac allows users to create their own templates with the help of built-in menu editor features. Want to save time for jumping on the train to the media enjoyments as soon as possible? Here, the Intel Quick Sync acceleration technology will ensure the 6X faster DVD writing speed whereas the full quality is well preserved. As far as I am concerned, this program is the best DVD burning software without quality loss ever. Whatever you are looking for as any demand, it is talented to respond properly with dozens of practical toolboxes, from selectable subtitles and soundtracks, PAL/NTSC TV standards support, instant preview, screenshots, to the powerful internal video editor.

Top 2. Mac Finder

As a Mac user, it is very familiar to operate the Finder from multiple ways such as organizing files, managing folders, adjusting views, and plenty of performance. However, the functionality to burn DVD on Mac with DVDFlick alternative for Mac Finder seems to be unknown to a large group of users. If you like to dig out the surprises hiding by your Mac computer, then this native DVDFlick for Mac alternative to burning DVD on Mac will bring you delights with its productivity. There even looks like no need to obtain another best DVDFlick alternative for Mac with the Finder. The preinstalled DVD burning feature lets you quickly access the procedure by navigating through the “File” menu. It is hassle-free to burn DVD on Mac with DVDFlick alternative for Mac for media data only. One thing that has to be mentioned is that the supporting formats are very limited as you can only burn MOV files basically.

Top 3. Simply Burns

Simply Burns is also a good choice for DVDFlick Mac alternative to burning DVD on Mac. It is developed with a GUI to convert files and burn DVDs for almost all SD formats. When you burn DVD on Mac with DVDFlick alternative for Mac like this one, you can get the DVD results of quite high quality. Also, it enjoys rather impressive popularity among users. Some editing features are also provided to users to make their DVDs with creativity. All DVD productions created by this best DVDFlick alternative for Mac software are playable by almost any DVD player. In this way, all users will be able to enjoy movies and videos on DVDs. Meanwhile, it is really easy to install and use and contains a number of step-by-step wizards for new users.

Part 4: Comparison between 3 DVDFlick for Mac Alternatives

It would be better to refer to the table regarding the comparison between the best DVDFlick alternative for Mac software.

FeatureLeawo DVD CreatorMac FinderSimply Burns
System supportMac OS, WindowsMac OSMac OS
Common video and audio formats supportYesNoYes
ISO to DVDYesYesYes
DVD5/DVD9 supportYesYesYes
DVD menu presetYesNoNo
Internal video editorYesNoNo
3D effect creationYesNoNo
Instant previewYesNoYes
High SpeedYesNoYes
1:1 QualityYesYesNo
Photo slideshow generationYesNoNo
Multilingual interfaceYesYesNo
Dvd flick burn dvd

Part 5: How to Burn Video to DVD Easily

As Leawo DVD Creator for Mac is the best DVDFlick for Mac alternative, I will use it as an example to show you the detailed steps to burn video to DVD on Mac with DVDFlick for Mac alternative.

Step 1: Download and install Leawo DVD Creator for Mac.

If you want to switch to Windows computers, there is one independent Windows version available.

Step 2: Add videos to the program.

Insert a blank writable DVD to your PC disc drive. Launch the best DVDFlick alternative for Mac and click the “Add Video” or directly drag your videos to the program.

Step 3: Set the desired menu template for your DVD.

There are more than 40 menu templates available on the right menu editor column. If you want to make a template of your own style, just customize one.

Step 4: Edit the video before burning the DVD.

Click the editing icon to activate the video editor panel. Here you are able to trim or crop the video, remove background noise, add watermark or 3D effects. These are all available features for making your DVD much more professional.

Step 5: Burn DVD using DVDFlick for Mac alternative.

Click the green button of “Burn” over the menu editor to call out the right sidebar. Now it is time to set a directory for saving the video to the inserted DVD disc.

Step 6: View the burning progress.

After hitting the round Burn button, you can view the burning progress through the green progress bar. It will tell you how much has been done. After the video is burned to DVD, you will be able to play it on any DVD player or within the built-in media player.


No matter what kind of DVDFlick for Mac alternatives are chosen, you will be able to burn DVDs with the help of these powerful programs. From the perspective of burning speed, efficiency, video quality, and cost, Leawo DVD Creator is the best DVDFlick for Mac alternative. With it, you are free to burn as many videos as you want with the best output quality. Therefore, don’t hesitate to have a try with this DVDFlick for Mac alternative to burn DVD on Mac.

DVD Flick is a powerful, authorized, and free DVD authoring tool, which supports organizing video files to make a DVD so you can watch your videos on DVD players. This DVD maker software can burn any format of video and audio. And you can make a solid DVD menu from template, which makes your navigation appropriate and takes your DVD to the next level.

Despites of these benefits, DVD Flick also has some of the limitations, which cannot be ignored, such as it has some DVD menus templates which are very tough to alter and a huge problem which is being faced by the users is that there is no DVD Flick for Mac available so you can not burn DVD on your Mac with DVD Flick.

Luckily, we at iSkysoft recommend DVD Creator for Mac. It's one of the best DVD Flick for Mac alternative that allows you to burn any format of home videos/photos and HD videos to DVD on Mac. This way, you preserve your precious and memorable video and photo files to a safe place, which you can cherish from time to time for years to come. (iSkysoft DVD Creator for Windows version is also available.)

Why Choose This DVD Flick for Mac Alternative

  • Burn videos in any formats to DVD in high quality.
  • Burn home movies, online videos and HD videos to DVD.
  • Provide many free DVD menu templates.
  • Allow you to edit videos before burning.
  • You can make photo slideshow with background music.

How to Use DVD Flick for Mac Alternative

This DVD Flick Mac alternative is easy to use and helps you to burn DVD on Mac OS X EL Capitan, Yosemite, Maviercks, Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard. Below are steps to create DVDs using this alternative to DVD Flick Mac.

Step 1: Import files into DVD Flick for Mac Alternative
First step you have to do is the drag and drop the files which you want to burn in the software or you can click to the + button which is given in the uppermost left side of the screen.

Dvd Flick

And it also allow you to re arrange the files by using up and down arrows. After video and photo files are added, you can edit them by the facilities given by the software like trimming, cropping, rotating, effects, watermark, etc.

Step 2: Make a personal DVD menu
It includes many dynamic and static templates to help you to create a sharp menu for your DVD. Various options are also provided to customize your DVD menu, including background image, background music, thumbnail, etc.

Step 3: Start to burn DVD on Mac
Next, preview your DVD to make sure it's exactly what you want. You can turn back to make changes anytime you want. The last thing you need to do is to click the Burn button present at the bottom to burn the disc.

Dvd Flick Mac Download

Tips: You're recommended to save a project file (File > Save), through which you can continue editing later and burn to DVD with this DVD Flick for Mac alternative.

Therefore, it looks just the simple task to burn the disc by using this DVD software alternative to DVD Flick on Mac. You can find this software easy and complete easier to use than the DVD Flick and you are not going to get any of the problem in using this software as it contains more advanced features than the DVD Flick like advanced editing and customizable DVD menu which make your conversation a fun.

Dvd Flick Reviews

Video tutorial on how to use DVD Flick for Mac alternative