BrowserCam presents G Cloud Backup for PC (laptop) download for free. Find out how to download and also Install G Cloud Backup on PC (Windows) which is actually designed by Genie9 Ltd. offering amazing features. Why don’t we check out the criteria to download G Cloud Backup PC on Windows or MAC computer without much hassle.

Run 'gcloud init' The installer starts a terminal window and runs the gcloud init command. The default installation does not include the App Engine extensions required to deploy an application using gcloud commands. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Please be sure to answer the question.Provide details and share your research! Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers.

First thing is, to decide on an effective Android emulator. There are several paid and free Android emulators suitable for PC, having said that we advise either Bluestacks or Andy considering they are popular and also compatible with both Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and Mac platforms. Now, look into the minimum Operating system specifications to install BlueStacks or Andy on PC well before installing them. Download any one of the emulators, in case the Computer satisfies the suggested Operating system requirements. At last, you have to install the emulator that takes few minutes only. Click on 'Download G Cloud Backup APK' link to begin downloading the apk file within the PC.

How to Download G Cloud Backup for PC or MAC:

1. Download BlueStacks free Android emulator for PC considering the download button introduced within this webpage.

2. As soon as the installer finish off downloading, click on it to start out with the installation process.

3. In the installation process just click on 'Next' for the first two steps once you get the options on the display screen.

4. On the very last step choose the 'Install' choice to begin the install process and click 'Finish' when it is finally ended.At the last and final step simply click on 'Install' to start the actual install process and you’ll then click on 'Finish' in order to complete the installation.

Gcloud Download For Windows

5. Start BlueStacks Android emulator through the windows start menu or maybe desktop shortcut.

6. If it is your very first time working with BlueStacks App Player you must setup your Google account with emulator.


7. Eventually, you’ll be driven to google playstore page where one can do a search for G Cloud Backup app using the search bar and then install G Cloud Backup for PC or Computer.

On a regular basis a large amount of android apps and games are pulled from the google playstore on condition that they do not follow Policies. Just in case you do not see the G Cloud Backup app in google play store you can download the APK using this page and install the app. You may go through above same exact procedure even when you choose to select Andy emulator or if you wish to pick free download and install G Cloud Backup for MAC.

gcloud CLI is a very powerful CLI tool to interact directly with the GCP API. From their definition page:

The gcloud command-line interface is a tool that provides the primary CLI to Google Cloud Platform. You can use this tool to perform many common platform tasks either from the command-line or in scripts and other automations.

For example, you can use the gcloud CLI to create and manage:

  • Google Compute Engine virtual machine instances and other resources
  • Google Cloud SQL instances
  • Google Kubernetes Engine clusters
  • Google Cloud Dataproc clusters and jobs
  • Google Cloud DNS managed zones and record sets
  • Google Cloud Deployment manager deployments

You can also use the gcloud CLI to deploy App Engine applications and perform other tasks.

  1. A configured GCP Project
  2. Python installed on your Mac

gcloud CLI comes in a zip file (tar.gz), if you are running 32 bit OS then download it from here or for 64 bit OS download it from here. Extract it somewhere from where you need to start the installation.

After you extract the binary, run the install script.

$ ./google-cloud-sdk/
Welcome to the Google Cloud SDK!
To help improve the quality of this product, we collect anonymized usage data
and anonymized stacktraces when crashes are encountered; additional information
is available at You may choose
to opt out of this collection now (by choosing 'N' at the below prompt), or at
any time in the future by running the following command:
gcloud config set disable_usage_reporting true
Do you want to help improve the Google Cloud SDK (Y/n)? n
Your current Cloud SDK version is: 253.0.0
The latest available version is: 253.0.0

Now that you have gcloud cli installed, you need to initialize it.

$ gcloud init

Download Gcloud Cli

By default, it will use browser mode to get your authentication token. Provide that during the installation. You will be asked to pick your current project, default compute zone. Once you provide all these inputs, it will show you the output like this:

Created a default .boto configuration file at [/Users/prassark/.boto]. See this file and
[] for more
information about configuring Google Cloud Storage.
Your Google Cloud SDK is configured and ready to use!

  • Commands that require authentication will use [email protected] by default
  • Commands will reference project nth-record-246512 by default
  • Compute Engine commands will use region europe-west4 by default
  • Compute Engine commands will use zone europe-west4-a by default
    Run gcloud help config to learn how to change individual settings
    This gcloud configuration is called [default]. You can create additional configurations if you work with multiple accounts and/or projects.
    Run gcloud topic configurations to learn more.
    Some things to try next:
  • Run gcloud — help to see the Cloud Platform services you can interact with. And run gcloud help COMMAND to get help on any gcloud command.
  • Run gcloud topic — help to learn about advanced features of the SDK like arg files and output formatting

Install Gcloud Sdk Windows

Check whether you can list your accounts, see the configuration that you have specified during initialization etc. to see if everything is configured correctly.

$ gcloud auth list
Credentialed Accounts

Gcloud Download Mac App

To set the active account, run:
$ gcloud config set account ACCOUNT
$ gcloud config list
region = europe-west4
zone = europe-west4-a
account = [email protected]
disable_usage_reporting = True
project = nth-record-246512
Your active configuration is: [default]