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I wanna be the Boshy! STEAM GROUP I wanna be the Boshy! I came here as a last hope. I wanna know where i can download the game without getting 3000 viruses up the ass. Jahho Jun 25, 2019 @ 2:13pm FUCK YEAH Tomato. Downloads for I Wanna be the Guy and I Wanna be the Guy: Gaiden. While both ask you to pay to download them, if it's your first time I suggest putting in a zero (though if you want to pay anyways, I won't stop you!). If IWBTG has given you a good time in the past and you're feeling generous, please feel free to throw a few dollars my way.

The Fancy is a long 4-stages trap/venture game. Traps are mostly clever and sometimes funny. Each world has a boss and they are very good and for me the highlight of the game (even if the third boss has too much hp and the final boss second phase has a very unfair attack, which is the explosive bullets when the gun is on). I'm less a fan of the third stage but it didn't brought my enjoyment down that much.
Would heavily recommend if you like trap games.
(Note that some reviews talk about the early version of the game when the game wasn't finished so I invite these ppl to play it again).