In today’s world, due to the invention of the Internet, you can download software or games from their official website. However, to download software if you need to always visit their official site, then it is really hectic.

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In order to resolve that problem, multiple websites were created on the internet. Some of those websites host the links from where you can download certain software, be it free or paid. Here, there is going to be a discussion about one such website ‘Softonic’. This site hosts both free, open-source and paid software links.


Along with the review about the ‘Softonic’ website you will also get the answer about the safety of this site. So read it completely.

What is Softonic?

Softonic is a website that is built to provide all types of applications, games for popular platforms like ‘Windows’, etc. Along with the software download links, this website provides articles.

One of the biggest advantages of this website is that it hosts the links for free as well as paid applications. So, you will get almost all the software in one place.

“Is Softonic Safe, Legit”: Why this question Arises?

Since the Softonic website hosts links for the multiple applications and not the setup files of those programs, therefore it is very safe for you to use. The content that this website has are free from any kind of copyright infringement issue.

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But one reason because of which many users are reluctant to use the Softonic website is the forceful showcasing of the advertisements from the time the site is accessed. It is due to all these advertisements the owner of the Softonic website earns the revenue.

Even though the Softonic website is legit, but sometimes the advertisement that pops up, when you try to download a certain software can install some extensions into the browser. This installation of extensions can lead to the execution of malicious code, which may harm your machine.

Advantages of using the Softonic Website

Here you will get the information about the advantages of using the Softonic website.

Google Safety Authorization

Google has built a ‘safe browsing’ API or Application Programming Interface. This API can check all the websites for containing any type of malicious code. If any site contains malware, then it could be seen as a threat to other internet users. Then that website can be penalized by Google.

Now, when you inspect the ‘Softonic’ website with the help of a reliable online checker, it then gives the result as this site is completely safe to use. There is no suspicious activity within it. Thus, ‘Softonic’ website has authorization from ‘Google Safety’ that, it is safe. So the question ‘Is Softonic legit’ should not arise.

Authorization from Web of Trust

The Web of Trust or WOT is an add-on installed within the browsers. This extension allows you to ascertain whether any website is authentic, secure and reliable using different types of algorithms and testing with them. When you check the ‘Softonic’ website with WOT, then the results of its trust is 85 %, which is great. Thus, without any doubt, you can say that ‘Softonic’ is a great website to get any software and games.

Website vouch that no malicious code is Present

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The Softonic website claims that the links that they host are completely safe and free from any type of malicious code. Basically, when you download software from a link, then this website checks the setup file with different algorithms. Once the checkup is complete, after that the download process starts. Therefore, you can download any software that this website contains without any problems.

Positive Reviews from the Users

The users provide a good review of the services provided by the Softonic website. There were comments on social media platforms that the application which they download from the website does contain any type of malicious code. Even some of the users claim that the Softonic website is legitimate and safe to access.

Softonic Website Disadvantages

Here, there will be information about the cons of the Softonic website.

Malware infection of Files

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The software that the Softonic website hosts contain malicious code, so the claim by the owner of this website that all the application are 100% secure and safe is completely false. Whenever you download and install any applications form this website, your computer may get an infection from the malware or virus that came with the setup file.

For the user’s benefit, this website provides a downloader extension. This extension helps to download software into the computer automatically. Now, if this extension itself has an embedded malware, then that malicious code will get into the machine when you download an application. Thus, be careful when you download anything from the Softonic website.

Presence of Dodgy Advertisements

Due to the presence of various advertisements within this website, the answer to the question “is Softonic safe” inclines to false. When you click on any of these advertisements, next, it redirects you to some other website that can instruct the computer to download any malicious code.

Therefore, if you prefer to download software from Softonic website, then always activate the “realtime protection” feature within the security application that you use.

Offers old download links of Applications

The main disadvantage of the Softonic website is that it provides downloads links of the files that not up to date. Therefore, instead of getting a new version of a certain application you end up with an old version. As most of the files, that these website hosts are not up to date, thus there are errors and presence of malware within them.

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Final Thoughts

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After seeing both the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the Softonic website I have come to the conclusion that you should not download any files that this site hosts. The reason for this is because of the fact that if you download any software or surf the contents of this website then there is a possibility of getting malicious code into the computer, which if remains undetected can wreak havoc. Therefore, avoid the Softonic website instead try to use official sites of applications or a webpage that hosts various software without any problematic advertisements.