Are you in the process of publishing a book or a scientific journal containing several mathematical formulas? For creating proper communication for your journal you need and must use LaTex documentation. The LaTex editor software available in the market provide a comfortable and friendly platform for creating LaTex documents. LaTex documents help the writers in simplifying and handling high-level formulas and languages for processing their documentation needs.

Download the latest version of TeXMaker for Mac - A developer-focused LaTeX toolkit. Read 25 user reviews of TeXMaker on MacUpdate. Using LaTeX in Presentations. Use BEAMER and forget the other stuff, especially powerpoint. How do you get started? First, go here BEAMER CLASS EXAMPLES and download the first example, example-1.tex. Compile the file and MikTeX will automatically download everything it needs to compile the file if it is not there already (assuming you let MikTeX install what it needs on the fly - this is set.


Find below the details regarding LaTex editor softwares:

1. Texmaker

Extremely easy and modern, which works as an editor for LaTex document development. It is integrated with some essential features, PDF viewer, Compilation and folding of codes, Checks the spellings and grammar, navigates fast and provides various other help in editing. Available as free LaTex editor Linux, Windows and Mac.

2. TeXstudio

Provides with an environment for creation of LaTex documents, it’s interface is easy and has support of numerous built-in compilers for LaTex and PDF viewer, has the facility of live preview for inline, syntax-highlighting in advanced form, has tools for glossary and bibliography. Available as LaTex text editor free download.

3. Overleaf

Latex Download Mac Free Downloads

It is an Online LaTex equation editor for providing collaboration for writers online. Features – previewing in real time, error detection modes with rich text and you have the option of writing and sharing with other authors for creation of perfectly beautiful projects. Free upto 1GB further that pay and use.

4. TEXnic Center

It is a software designed for Windows operating system to provide premium quality editing for your Latex documents. It is extremely popular with it’s users from all over the world. It possesses some excellent features, like highlighting syntax, customized templates, easy navigation, real time viewer and has user-friendly interface.

5. WinShell

It is an editor for LaTex documents regarding text, it highlights syntax, manages project and provides with a lot of good features. They are – support for bibliography and unicode, has built in dictionary, can handle multiple documents and possesses a simple drag and drop interface. It is available as freeware.

6. LED

It is capable of creating LaTex documents and has features for performing powerful editing. This is an easy program and also occupies less hard drive space. Has a DVI viewer, spellings and grammar checker built-in, can provide hints as description for understanding Latex commands. A good LaTex editors for Windows.

7. Vim-Latex

It is among the superior editors and LaTex application for performing editing task for LaTex documents. Has some powerful and intelligent features, has customized templates, grammar and spellings checker, folding and viewing of modes, can provide real time preview and many other editing helps integrated in this LaTex editor suite.

8. WinEdt

For creating LaTex documents and for handling the editing task for that, WinEdt is a very powerful and popular software. It works as a LaTex reader and has some very good features, the interface has customizable graphical controls, equipped with various useful commands, spell checking, Supports bibliography and folding codes.

Latex Editor Mac

Latex software, free download

What is LaTeX editor software?

LaTeX editor software are used for creating a document format which is portable and called LaTex. LaTex is created for representing scientific and mathematical formulas, and is based on a typesetting language called Tex. It is equipped with desktop publishing features. The editing feature of the software provides additional formatting. The features provided by this kind of software are, firstly they are designed to work on specific operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac and others. They are designed in a small file generally, so that it occupies less disk space. The easy and helpful interface guides in the editing task, spellings and grammar checking and other dictionary features are provided here, it is compiled with code folding, have a PDF viewer, can highlight the syntax, has customized templates, it has the option of real time previewing, supports bibliography, corrects errors and proceeds all the LaTex editing task with easy navigation.

How to install LaTeX editor software?

Latex Download Mac Free Software

From the various LaTeX editor software available in the market you will have to pick whichever you think is appropriate and supports the operating system you use. The next step involves downloading the installation or the executable file into your system. Run the file and follow the instructions and agree to the terms, as directed by the installation wizard. When it is completes, click on its icon and start the software program. When the interface appears, it will guide you as how you can create the LaTex document and format it as per your need through the LaTex editor software.

Benefits of installing LaTeX editor software?

LaTeX editor software can benefit everyone in many ways even according to LaTex editor wiki. It formats and highlights the different elements of your documents and improves the document style more than Word processing software tools. LaTex documents are portable options lighter than simple text files, it is extremely flexible in helping the users who are in academia or into researching and help them as it supports bibliography. It provides more intelligent interface than Word and help you in controlling the formatting. The output file created as the LaTex document is way superior in quality than simple Word document. The LaTex documents when created through this software are very much stable and is not prone to crashes. It is helpful and way better than simple Word documents for scientific publication writings, mathematical notations, for showcasing formulas, illustrations and tables. Supports checking spellings and autocorrect feature for creating error free documents.

9. Free windows LaTeX editor software

TeXstudio is the best option available, if you are looking for free windows LaTeX editor software. Creating and editing LaTex document in an easy and comfortable way is the key feature of this software. Equipped with an integrated PDF viewer, advanced highlighting of syntax, autocorrecting option for spellings and grammars.

10. Free Android LaTeX editor software


VerbTeX LaTeX Editor is the best option for managing your prized recipes for your Android smartphones and tabs. The gives you the liberty of creating and managing LaTex documents, highlights syntax, it has collaboration and web interface in cloud mode. Has customized templates and has the option of auto saving.

11. Free Mac LaTeX editor software

Texmaker for Mac is the best free LaTeX editor software available in the market for Mac operating system. It is a simple basic software and has all the tools instilled in it for developing LaTex documents. Supports unicode, code folding, checks the spellings and grammar, and has a PDF viewer.

Other good LaTeX editor software available

There are many other options for LaTeX editor software available in the market. The names of such softwares are: LyX, TeXnic, ShareLaTex, TeXpen, Authorea, TexitEasy, Emil TeX and AUCTeX. These softwares are good according to users and experts, can be downloaded from their official sites or through LaTex editor Ubuntu.

12. Most Popular LaTeX editor software for 2016

Bakoma Tex has been considered as the best and most popular LaTeX editor software for 2016, according to users and expert reviews. It provides solution in multi-platform for LaTeX editing. You have the option of inserting illustrations, mathematical formulas and tables directly into the documents and creates complete error free documents.

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Taking care of computerized reports has become a piece of the day by day lives of clients. We have seen a great deal of Document altering apparatuses and the majority of them pursue the WYSIWYG (‘what you see is the thing that you get’) way to deal with Word arranging.

In such sort of Word designing, a GUI based methodology is set up and clients can envision the final product while composing content. Do you want to get Best Latex Editor Mac for free? please follow the instruction

The greatest case of this sort of archive altering framework is the Microsoft Word, an application the greater part of us is recognizable with.

That is one method for moving toward Word Formatting. Another path is using a Word arranging device that utilizes the WYSIWYM (‘what you see is the thing that you mean’) approach. Latex Editors fall in the subsequent classification.

Here is Our 5 Best Latex Editor Mac Free Download In 2020

1 BestTexmaker latex editor mac

TeXmaker is one of the most well-known, open-source, multi-stage answers for LaTeX altering. This instrument is accessible for every single significant stage and has highlights that put forth an incredible defense for any LaTeX word processor. To begin with TeXmaker, its arrangement window enables clients to set-up all the essential settings of their LaTeX report before beginning work on it.

TeXmaker likewise enables clients to set-up the spell-checking and other record format settings through the ‘Fast start’ window. The ‘Structure View’ enables clients to streamline their archives into isolated areas, marking everyone all the while. Embeddings Tables, Math recipe, cross-references, pictures, and so forth is entirely direct with TeXmaker.

Key Features:


Support Windows, Mac, Linux

Very powerful and easy to use

Published under GPl license

Includes Unicode support, spell checking, auto-completion,

Fast navigation

Master mode

Integrated with pdf viewer

Donwload Here

2 Best LyX latex editor mac

LyX is a report processor that urges a way to deal with composing dependent on the structure of your archives (WYSIWYM) and not just their appearance (WYSIWYG).

LyX joins the power and adaptability of TeX/LaTeX without lifting a finger of utilization of a graphical interface. This outcomes in world-class support for formation of scientific substance (through a completely coordinated condition proofreader) and organized archives like scholarly articles, propositions, and books.

Moreover, staples of logical writing, for example, reference rundown and record creation come standard. Be that as it may, you can likewise utilize LyX to make a letter or a novel or a performance center play or film content. A wide exhibit of prepared, well-structured record formats is implicit.

Key Features:

Open Source license

Support multiple languages

Its support different operatin software such as windows,Mac,Linux

Visual Mathematical Editor


Huge library of mathematical formulae

Spelling checker

3 BestTeXnicCenterlatex editor mac

TeXnicCenter is another extraordinary LaTeX supervisor explicitly produced for Windows working framework. Since it runs on Windows, TeXnicCenter utilizes Microsoft’s MiKTeX typesetting appropriation which makes it simple for Microsoft Word to process LaTeX archives. Additionally, TeXnicCenter is a free and open-source LaTeX editorial manager with the goal that’s extraordinary.

Discussing the highlights, it has nearly everything that you need in a LaTeX editorial manager. You have a ground-breaking GUI editorial manager with help for auto-finish and a large number of UTF-8 character encoding. Alongside that, TeXnicCenter pursues an ace branch pilot which makes it simple for clients to explore LaTeX archives.

Key Features:

Coordinated LaTeX condition for Windows

Amazing LaTeX manager with auto finishing

Full UTF-8 help

Report guide for simple route and referencing

Tight watcher joining with forward and converse inquiry

Brisk arrangement wizard for MiKTeX

Trusted by a large number of clients around the globe

Free and open source (GPL)

4 Best TeXstudioLatex Editor Mac

TeXstudio is another open-source and multi-stage LaTeX editorial manager, which is very well known among the scholarly world. This device depends on the open-source TeXmaker which we just discussed. TeXstudio is essentially an expansion of the previous referenced device and added further help and highlights to it.

While the whole interface may basically feel like TeXmaker, yet extra highlights like Document Word tally, recurrence tally investigation and increasingly made it into an autonomous all out LaTeX altering device itself.

Key Features:

Comfortable Editing


Auto completion

More than 1000 mathematical symbols


Link overlay

Assistants for images, tables, formulas

Drag & drop support for images


5 Best TeXworks Latex Editor Mac

TeXworks is another multi-stage, open-source LaTeX supervisor. TeXworks is a LaTeX altering device that is based off another open-source LaTeX editorial manager – TeXshop. It gives a GUI-based way to deal with LaTeX altering and highlights a large number of the key focal points found in the past referenced apparatuses. TeXworks highlights an implicit PDF watcher simply like in the previously mentioned instruments; however this device likewise has an auto-synchronization highlight to it.

Key Features:

Code folding



Unicode support

And built-inPDF viewer.

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