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  2. On the other end, there is no other software on Apple App Store for opening Microsoft Publisher file on Mac OS X. Therefore, obviously, it’s time to fall in trouble. Nevertheless, if you use this tiny trick, you can open any Microsoft Publisher file on Mac OS X after converting it into.pdf.

Swift Publisher, being a great Microsoft Publisher for Mac alternative, is very straightforward — it only contains a handful of tools and relies on drag and drop. A series of video tutorials explains all the main aspects of working with the program in less than an hour. Mac OS X El Capitan: Being the 12th major release of macOS, Mac OS X El Capitan belongs to the Macintosh-Unix family of OS. It was majorly released for server OS for Macintosh computers and Apple Inc.’s desktop. Being the successor of OS X Yosemite, it mainly focuses on stability, performance, and security. There is a history in its name.

How to Open Publisher Files on Mac – Best Ways to Open PUB (.pub) Files on Mac:

Macintosh Operating System contains various apps and features that are useful for Mac users. However, there are still some typical files which Mac cannot read or open directly. Microsoft Publisher File is the best example of it, because the user cannot open or edit PUB File on Mac. If you have received some publisher files via email and thinking how to open them, you have reached the right place.

We have worked hard to find out some effective ways to open and edit publisher files on Mac. Yes, we will guide you about how to open publisher files on Mac with and without taking help of a third party app. Microsoft Publisher File is in PUB Format and therefore its file extension comes as .pub. Mac System does not open PUB Files directly, but you can open such files by applying our simple techniques described below.


  • 3 5 Best Ways Open Publisher Files on Mac

What is Publisher File?

Microsoft Publisher is a part of MS Office for Windows Operating System. The files that are created in Microsoft Publisher App are called Publisher Files. People use Microsoft Publisher for creating a banner, brochure, greeting card, business card, award certificate and many other things. All Publisher Files usually come in PUB (.pub) format. However, Microsoft Publisher allows the user to export the Publisher File in several other formats.

Why Mac Can’t Open Publisher File Directly?

The Mac OS does not have any built-in app or feature that can read PUB File. Moreover, the Microsoft Publisher for Mac is not available. Therefore the Mac cannot open Publisher Files directly. As a result, you have to get help of some third party apps or online sites to open publisher files on Mac.

5 Best Ways Open Publisher Files on Mac

In order to open publisher files on Mac PC and MacBook, we have done several experiments. We have found five best ways to open publisher files on Mac. Here we will explain each method in detail to help you understand in a better way.

01. Use LibreOffice App

LibreOffice is an open source office suite for various operating systems. It is developed for Mac OS, Windows and Linux. LibreOffice Viewer is also made for Android devices. You can download LibreOffice App on your Mac PC or MacBook at free of cost. All you have to do is visit LibreOffice Website, download the app and install the same on your Mac. Once it is installed, you can easily open publisher files on Mac with help of LibreOffice. It is available for free and it works great, that’s why it is the best of all five methods to open publisher files on Mac.

Steps to Download LibreOffice and Open Publisher Files on Mac:

Here we provide some simple steps for opening publisher files on Mac as follows:

Microsoft Publisher Mac Os X Download Windows 7

  1. Log on to LibreOffice Website.
  2. Select “Download” section and click on “Download LibreOffice” option.
  3. On LibreOffice Download Page, choose your operating system as Mac OS X.
  4. Finally click on Download button to proceed.
  5. Wait till the LibreOffice App gets downloaded.
  6. Install LibreOffice App on your Mac.
  7. Select your desired Publisher File (.pub) and choose open with LibreOffice.
  8. Now you can view the publisher files on your Mac computer.

02. Use Office 2011 for Mac

Microsoft Corporation has launched Office 2016 for Mac which is the latest office app. Most Mac users have purchased and are using Office 2016 version on their Mac PC and MacBook. But the Office 2016 cannot open publisher files on Mac. In case you have the older Office 2011 for Mac then you can open publisher files. The Word App of Office 2011 comes with publishing layout view feature. You should use this feature to open any PUB file in publisher layout format.

The Office 2011 requires an RTF File to open it in publishing layout. So you cannot open publisher file directly. First you have to convert the PUB File to RTF File and then open it in Office 2011 Word App with publishing layout. In order to convert your publisher file into RTF format, you should use an online converter. It is an easier way to open publisher files on Mac if you already have Office 2011 installed in your Mac system.

03. Online Convert PUB to PDF

There are many online converters available at free of cost. You can use them to convert PUB files to PDF or any other format you want. Thereafter you can open the converted file in respective app on your Mac. In this way, you can easily open .pub files on Mac. For example: you can open publisher file in Preview or Adobe Reader after converting it from PUB to PDF. Please note that converting process is online and it requires internet connection on your Mac. The duration for conversion of a publisher file into PDF depends on the file size and the internet connectivity & speed.

Steps to Convert PUB File to PDF and Open it on Mac:

Online Convert PUB to PDF: Website-1, Website-2, Website-3, Website-4.

Microsoft Publisher Mac Os X Download Windows 10

  1. Kindly click on one of the above links to visit PUB to PDF Converter Website.
  2. On Online Converter Website, click on “Choose Files or Upload” option.
  3. Upload your desired publisher file and select the conversion file format (PDF or any other).
  4. Click on Convert button to proceed to convert .pub file to PDF file.
  5. Open the converted file (PDF) with Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader on Mac.

Important Note: When you convert a publisher (PUB) file to PDF, DOC or other format, it may lose some formatting. You will notice that the picture, table etc. are appearing different in original file and converted file. If the formatting is important to you then use our other methods to open publisher files on Mac.

04. Ask the Sender to Export Publisher File in Other Format

This method is useful if you have received a publisher file via email or you have a friend with Windows computer. The Microsoft Publisher allows the user to export PUB File to PDF, XPS Document, HTML, Change File Type and Save for Photo Printing or Commercial Printer. You need to contact the sender of the publisher file and ask him to export file to other format in Microsoft Publisher. Thereafter, s/he needs to send the converted file(s) to you via email.

Microsoft Publisher For Macintosh

Your friend with Windows PC can help you export all publisher files to PDF, XPS or HTML. Thereafter you can get those exported files and open them in your Mac System. In case none of your friends has Windows PC or the email sender is not in touch, this method won’t work. You better try Online Convert to PDF to open publisher files on Mac by yourself.

05. Get Windows Installed on Mac

Every Mac PC and MacBook comes with in-build Macintosh operating system. The Mac OS is best in many ways, but it also has some drawbacks. You cannot open publisher files on Mac directly as it does not provide any app to open .pub on Mac. As a result, you have to get help of a third party app or online converter site or install Windows on Mac. The installing process is a bit lengthy and annoying, but you need to do it only once. Thereafter you can open publisher files on Mac at anytime anywhere with no restrictions. If you don’t want to install Windows on your Mac computer, you should get LibreOffice (method 1) to open publisher files on Mac.

How to Edit Publisher Files on Mac after PUB to PDF Conversion

With help of online converter, you can convert publisher files into PDF format. However, you may need to edit some publisher files when you open them on your Mac. Now your publisher files are in PDF format, so you need a PDF Editor to edit these files. Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the best apps for Mac to view, open and edit PDF files. But you have to buy its pro/premium version to use PDF editing features in Adobe Reader.

Mac OS comes with Preview App which provides various features. You can open almost all document files in Preview. In addition to showing documents, the Preview App allows the user to do some editing. The Preview App contains the basic editing features for PDF files. So you should use Preview to view and edit the PDF files.

Final Opinion:

All the information given above about 5 Best Ways to Open Publisher Files on Mac is true and fair. The methods we have shared here are working properly as per our best knowledge. According to my opinion, the LibreOffice is the best app to open publisher files on Mac. Because it is free, fast and easy method for all Mac Users.


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