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デスクトップ版(Windows / Mac) 画像伝送機能. コンピュータケーブルを接続する代わりに、ネットワークを使ってコンピュータの画面を受信デバイス(MultiPresenter Stick または プロジェクター)へ伝送することができます。. MultiPresenter Stick. Model: DS1-MP10RX1. NEC's Interactive Software (download) Model: IS01. Control your Mac or PC wirelessly (remote keyboard and mouse) from. MultiPresenter is free and available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Ideal for corporate meeting rooms or classrooms, effortlessly share Full HD content via NEC projectors or large format displays. Ease-of-Use - Enjoy the benefits of wireless presenting and be free of the jumble of cables. Wireless Image Utility is a software for projecting photos and documents to the NEC projector via wireless LAN from iPad / iPhone / iPod touch. Images and documents stored in Wireless Image Utility can be projected to the projector. NEC projector and monitor download web site which the latest program and user's manuals can be downloaded. This is the top of the page. Jump to main content. Starting MultiPresenter on Mac. Using the 'Safari' which is the default browser developed by Apple included with Mac OS X, and 'open safe files after downloading' preference of 'Safari.

NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced today that professionals now have a secure, easy way of sharing images, files, documents, presentations, and more with almost any HDMI-equipped display, courtesy of the new NEC MultiPresenter Stick DS1-MP10RX1.

Ideal for both boardrooms and classrooms, the MultiPresenter is a wireless presenting solution for use with NEC projectors and large format displays that do not already have a multi-presenting functionality. Compatible with any HDMI-compliant display, the device plugs into the HDMI port to securely add wireless presentation capabilities for up to 50 devices at once and allows 12 visible at one time in multi-screen mode.

Nec Multipresenter Download Mac

Nec Multipresenter Download Mac Download

'We've all been in meetings where someone needs to share his or her screen, leading to awkward fumbling with cables and adapters only to discover it doesn't work,' said Chris Feldman, NEC Display product manager. 'But now with the NEC MultiPresenter, people can easily, securely, and wirelessly present information no matter what platform they're using, negating the need to deal with complicated settings and cables.'

Users can connect any Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device running the companion app to the MultiPresenter wirelessly. The app is free and users can download it via the QR code displayed on the home screen of the MultiPresenter or directly from the NEC Display Solutions website. Users join securely by entering a PIN in the app to instantly present and share content.
All wirelessly connected devices can take advantage of in-app capabilities such as file sharing and web access, the ability to mirror the device display, including simple annotation software, and the ability to switch between presenters on the fly, which helps enhance a team or classroom's productivity and teamwork. Additionally, the stick is powered through a 5V 2.4A mini USB power supply that can be handled by the included power adapter, a compatible USB port on a display device, or a capable USB battery charger.
Travel friendly, the MultiPresenter Stick has a small, portable form factor that makes it easy to take on the road. This enables users to present comfortably when offsite visiting clients. The multi-presenting solution is a cost-effective investment that enables effortless, collaborative presentation.
NEC's MultiPresenter Stick DS1-MP10RX1 will be available in November at a minimum advertised price of $329. For more information, please visit:
To see the MultiPresenter in action, join NEC Display Solutions at its upcoming New York Technology Showcase on October 26 at SIR Stage 37, 508 W. 27th St. in New York City. Register here.

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