Have you ever found yourself working on someone else’s Mac and wishing it was set up like your own? It can be very frustrating to have to put up with other people’s settings and inferior programs when only you really know how you like things to be set out. With Paragon Virtualization Manager for Mac OS X, you can pack up your Mac and take it with you wherever you go.

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The program can take an exact image of your hard drive and convert it into a virtual drive for use in VMWare, Parallels or VirtualBox. Take it with you on a portable hard drive and then you can use it on any other system as a guest operating system in any of these environments. When you load up the program, all you need to do is select the disk with your Mac installation on it and then choose the virtual image format you want to use. You can opt to span the image across different 2GB files for portability. Then choose the external drive that you want to copy it to.

Once the image is taken, you can create a new virtual machine in the matching enviroment and boot up a copy of your Mac. You could use this to demonstrate software to a friend or to solve an argument about the best possible Mac set up. It also provides you with an isolated environment in which to try out new software, without damaging your main installation, which can be very handy.

  • Disk Wiper 15 for Mac OS X Free Paragon Disk Wiper can completely erase an entire hard disk, a separate partition or just clean free space. It guarantees secure and easy erasure of your critical data.
  • HFS+ – the primary file system for Mac OS X NTFS – the primary file system for Windows OS FAT32 – Use for data disks that are 32GB or less ExtFS 2/3/4 – the primary file system for Linux OS exFAT - Use for data disks that are over 32GB 5. Click OK when ready. All introduced changes to the disk layout will be pended until confirmed.

Note that you need to register at www.paragon-software.com/home/vm-mac/download.html to obtain your serial code.


This is a nifty program should you want to take an image of your Mac on the road but you can only virtualize it under another Mac host.

Paragon Ntfs For Mac Download

Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Paragon Software supports all alphabets supported by your operating systems, including those that use non-Roman and non-Latin characters, so you will never face the problem of not getting access to file names on volumes mounted in non-native OS. Paragon ExtFS for Mac OS X™ is distributed in two ways:  Boxed package from Paragon Software GmbH and resellers  Downloadable package over the Internet at the company’s web-site The two contain a standard DMG disk image with an installation package to automatically install and configure the ExtFS driver.