Periscope is a live video broadcasting app you can use from your PC. The app is a tool integrated with the Twitter app.

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This makes it possible to live stream from your Twitter account. The app allows you to connect with all your followers over the platform. With them being also able to communicate with you.

An interesting part of the app is that it is not limited to the interface of Twitter. The
app can be used to share videos on other social networking sites as well. With the added bonus of videos that remain posted for only 24 hours. Despite being a brilliant way to project yourself, Periscope is not available for PC. However, there is a smart way around that issue.


Periscope for Windows 10 PC: This is the best guide to let you know how to download and install Periscope for Windows 10 PC or any older version of Windows 8 or 7 or even Windows Xp. Periscope is new live broadcasting application software that is created by the Twitter group. In this marvelous app now you can easily broadcast your live videos from all around the world. Periscope On PC free download And Install Process (Mac and Windows) The developer brings an amazing solution to operate any type of android app from the play store or app store easily. In the same way, you can download and install the Periscope app on your mac or windows operated devices. Download Periscope Pro 3 for Mac full version program setup free. Periscope Pro is a lightweight yet powerful application that empowers you to watch your home, kids, and pets from anywhere using Mac’s built-in or any IP camera. Periscope Pro 3 for Mac Review. Periscope Pro 3 is a powerful program developed for high-end video surveillance.

Download Periscope for Windows PC

  1. Windows OS users can find the app on the Play Store. This means the app can be
    downloaded on desktops from here. All that you will need is an emulator.
  2. A dependable emulator for Windows users is Bluestacks. It is one of the most
    popular emulation software and for good reasons. Head over to the official website of Bluestacks for downloading it.
  3. Once downloaded, find and install the setup file. Accept the terms and conditions to
    begin installation. At the end of the process, your device will seek permission to
    reboot. This is an important step, so allow it.
  4. Bluestacks will become ready for use after the restart. Launch the software and visit
    the Play Store. Search for the Periscope app from the Search Bar.
  5. Select it as a list of results that appear on-screen. Download and install Periscope on your PC to begin live video streaming.

Download Periscope on PC Mac

  1. Mac users will be able to download the app from the App Store. But before doing so,
    ensure an emulator is installed on your device.
  2. There are a number of such emulators available but not all can be trusted. However
    Mac users can put their faith on iPadian. It is a free and best emulator for Mac
    devices, available today. Get the software from the official website of iPadian.
  3. Install the file after its download. Launch and visit the App Store. However keep in
    mind, you will need to Log in, the first time you visit there.
  4. Insert your Apple Id and password and you will be logged in. Now search for the
    Periscope app from the Search Bar at the top of the screen.
  5. Download and install the app. Use the live video streaming app, the next time you
    open your Twitter account.

Features of the app

  • The app is a smart choice for every social media enthusiast. It is loaded with plenty
    of features that make it a compelling option.
  • One of the great attributes of the app is its connectivity. Periscope app links you with your followers on Twitter. This makes it possible to share your mind with them. While at the same time, your followers can interact with you through comments and hearts.
  • The app does not limit you to a single social platform. It can be used to share your
    streams over multiple other platforms as well like Facebook or Youtube.
  • The app is easy to handle. Making Live Stream was never simpler. All you need is to
    visit your account, allow camera and microphone options and get going. Connect with millions in just a few steps.
  • Furthermore the smart AI of the app keeps your followers notified. So whenever you begin a live stream, they will receive a notification about the same. This leads to
    greater viewership.
  • A key feature of the app is the feature of Replay. You can replay any live stream
    through this app. This feature helps you to catch a live stream which you had
    previously missed. Alternatively, you can prefer to choose a 24 hour format. This is
    where your live stream remains available for a period of 24 hours.
  • When it comes to Twitter, security is never an issue. The app protects your
    information in a secured way. Moreover you can select whether you prefer to
    broadcast your stream selectively or universally.

Similar Apps


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Facebook Live

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Periscope for Windows 10 PC: This is the best guide to let you know how to download and install Periscope for Windows 10 PC or any older version of Windows 8 or 7 or even Windows Xp. Periscope is new live broadcasting application software that is created by the Twitter group. In this marvelous app now you can easily broadcast your live videos from all around the world. Presently it is the best trending app Periscope that was released recently on Android stores and iOS stores but now you can also download and launch it on your desktop to share your memories with live streaming videos from all over the world at any time. Now we’ll discuss that how to download and install this Periscope on PC Windows 10 or any older version of Windows. For Periscope for PC you need to have some useful Android Emulator app installed on your Computer to get it running and active working app.

Periscope is the best running app with having the concepts of live video sharing across the globe. Now you can gladly use Periscope App to broadcast your videos lively to watch. Here are some awesome features of Periscope:

  • Periscope is the most excellent app with new idea of broadcasting your live videos & get new popularity.
  • You have to come live and we will give you notification to your Twitter followers that, who can join you, comment and send you hearts at your posted video.
  • As soon as your broadcast is over you can compose it available for replay. A viewer can watch it for unlimited number of times and can also watch it later.
  • Your video replays for 24 hours then you can also have a choice to delete your replay at any time.
  • This app also offers you to manage your audience of broadcasting videos to Public, Private and Specific before going to live.
  • You can also share your Periscope broadcasts on Twitter directly by clicking the given below bird icon before you start broadcasting.
  • In this app you can also suggest the peoples and also allow that peoples will follow you.
  • By broadcasting your live videos from the viewers from all around the world you can also receive many hearts and heartiest comments.

How to download and installPeriscope App for Windows 10:


All you have to do is follow these instructions given here.

1- Download the Periscope from the given below. Periscope.apk

2- Make sure to download the best Android emulator on your device, like Bluestacks.

3- You can download the BlueStacks from the given Link below.

Download Periscope Online

4- Once done simply open the BlueStacks app and follow the instructions given in the download guide above.

Periscope Download For Mac

5- Now simply install the Periscope on your Windows 10 using this Android emulator app.

How to Login in to your Periscope for Windows 10:

Now that you have downloaded and installed the Periscope on your Windows 10 PC, now you can open the app in your BlueStacks and click on Login or Register with your new ID.

1- As Periscope is a twitter client app so you have to login your account by using the Twitter ID and password.

2- The best way to automatically login is to download the Twitter app in your bluestacks, once you login in your Twitter app you will get the benefit of auto login every time you open the Periscope on your Windows 10.

You can now download and install Periscope for Laptop or Desktop computer running any version of Windows 10 easily and enjoy the marvelous app.

You can also invite your friends and family to broadcast or stream live video and stay tune with you and you make available videos in the news feed that will allow your followers to watch and also share your ideas and views to the followers to let all knows that what going on. You can also connect Periscope on much other collection of social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

We hope that you have installed and running this Periscope app on your Windows 10 PC or on the older versions of Windows. You can download it on your Apple iMac or Mac-book using the same procedure given above. Make sure to get the BlueStacks for Mac OS from the official site of BlueStacks.

Download Periscope Videos

I’m sure you will absolutely love this app Periscope by sharing videos with your friends and family. If you face any issues then freely use the comment section below and also leave your queries and reviews. Share this app with your friends by using the share buttons.