I was super surprised and excited when I heard that Pokémon - Black Version 2 was going to be a thing. A Pokémon game getting an actual sequel was really cool, especially when it was a sequel to one of my favorite Pokémon (and games in general) of all time. However, could this live up to the hype of the first game?

Two Years Have Passed!

As the name of the game, Pokémon - Black Version 2 suggests, what we have here is a full-on sequel from the first game. I am pretty sure this is the first time this had happened in the series and the game takes place two years after the events of Pokémon Black (and Pokemon White of course). The story that the game tells is actually really cool.


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Pokemon Black And White 2 Download Mac

Pokemon Black And White 2 Download Mac Full

Now at its core, you are still trying to be the very best and catch them all. However, there is also that dastardly Neo Team Plasma from the first game who were up to no good. The story arc that plays over the game is actually really cool and one of the most interesting in the entire series. On the flip side of this, you do have to have played the first game to really appreciate this.

Silky Smooth

I will not lie and tell you that Game Freak completely changed the way the game looked. What we have with Pokémon - Black Version 2 is the very last Pokémon game that was released on the Nintendo DS, they had taken the hardware as far as it could go. While the overall game does look similar to its predecessor. It does look a bit sharper and it does have more detail here and there. Plus, each area has its own feel so there is a great deal of variety to the visuals. What I mean by silky-smooth are the fantastic animated sequences that are in the game. These along with the battles really do go along way to making this one of the most cinematic Pokémon games we had ever had up to this point.

Everyone Is Welcome To This Party

The lineup of Pokémon in Pokémon - Black Version 2 is just amazing. While you have the most awesome lineup of Pokémon from generation 5. You also have a ton of really cool classic Pokémon that you can catch and deal with too. I found this to be a bit like a greatest hits’ version of Pokémon games. The actual gameplay is the same as it has always been and I had a great time. The core game is great, but I really liked the side story of the Pokémon movie being made that you get involved with.

I really cannot say enough nice things about Pokémon - Black Version 2. Would I say it is better than the original Pokémon Black? I do not think I would, but at the same time, I would not say it is any lesser of a game either. I put this along with its predecessor as equals. The best advice I can give here is to play Black and then Play Black 2, trust me you are in for a great time.


Final Score: 9.5/10


Pokemon Black And White 2 Download Mac Emulator

  • A truly amazing lineup of Pokémon!
  • The story is a great follow up from Black
  • The extra part of the story with the movie is fun
  • The gameplay is fast, exciting and pretty deep
  • Each region you visit has its own style


Pokemon Black 2 Pc Rom

  • I do feel that you need to play Black first
  • It set the bar really high for future Pokémon games!

Pokemon Black 2 Rom

Overall rating: 9.5