Popcorn Time is a streaming app where you can stream and download unlimited no of movies and TV shows for free without any kind of subscription.

Instantly stream or download the best movies & TV shows on Popcorn Time in HD, with subtitles, for 100% free! Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux. Download Popcorn Time. This is the most constant and safest version of Popcorn Time. Watch the latest movies and TV shows instantly in HD with subtitles, for free. Available for Windows, macOS. Popcorn Time is an app that lets you stream and watch tons of movies - from classics to the latest releases - by using the traditional file exchange system Torrent, but without having to download anything.

The app is similar to Netflix in terms of features but Netflix stream content with copyrights but Popcorn Time uses Torrents links to stream and download content

Download Popcorn Time For Pc

But here on the Popcorn Time, you are not required to pay for any kind of subscription or anything. The app is completely open-source.

App Compatible With

  • Linux

How To Install App?

The app is not listed to the apps store, because the way the app works it makes the app illegal in most of the regions. So you can not find the app on the apps store.

You have to directly download and install the Popcorn Time APK file to your device.

From here: Download Popcorn Time APK, the post also contains the installation guide for every device. Or You can also visit the Official site popcorntime.app


  • Movies & TV shows: The app lets you stream all of the latest and previously released movies & TV shows.
  • Hd Video Quality: You can enjoy videos in up to 1080 PX
  • Open Source: App is completely open-source. Users are not required to pay anything as a membership.
  • Download & Streaming Option: The app gives you both options, you can stream movies online as well as can download for offline use.
  • Ads Free: The app is also ads-free so it is not going to trouble you with any kind of ads like most of the other free streaming apps.
  • No Restrictions: There is no limit of anything, you can stream and download unlimited no of content.

User Interface

The app has very easy to use user-friendly interface. It contains many filters, which you can use to sort results as per your interest. From the home screen, you can select whether you want to stream movies or TV shows.

You can also sort the result on the basis of genre. And on the movie page, you easily find the option to download or stream the video.

How To Download Videos?

Windows version of the app does not support download so you can not download videos on windows with Popcorn Time.

Download Videos In Android

Open the app

Choose the movie which you want to download

On the movie page, you will see the download button

Tap on the download button and it will start downloading the file

You can find the downloaded file on your download manager

Download Videos In MAC

The Mac version does not support the direct download option. First, you have to download a torrent file downloader to your PC.

You can download the utorrent downloader from here

Then open the Popcorn Time

Open the movie which you want to download

Now on the video page, you will get the option to get magnet link

Just tap on the magnet link and it will automatically add the link to download in utorrent

If it automatically not add the link, so you can go to the utorrent web and manually add the link.

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How To Cast Popcorn Time In Chromecast

Popcorn Time App Download Free Mac

Yes, the app also supports Chromecast so you can enjoy content over your Chromecast enabled device.

The process to use the Chromecast in the app is simple

First, you have to play the video with their default media player “buffer”. Now on the screen, you can see the Chromecast icon. Just tap on it to show available Chromecast devices near you. Once you get your device name, just tap on it to cast content to your Chromecast.

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Popcorn Time Alternatives

The app popcorn time works perfectly to stream & download movies & TV shows online for free. But still, if you are not satisfied and looking for a suitable alternative then you can check out below given suggestions.

  • UnlockMyTV
  • Typhoon TV
  • CouchPotato
  • DuckieTV
  • Stremio
  • Netflix

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Popcorn Time Subtitles Error

The app recently updated which results in the error with Subtitles. But after some time they fixed the error and released a new file. So check and replace the app with the latest addition if you still facing subtitles error.

Also from now, open subtitles account is commissary for Popcorn Time. So you have to make an account with open subtitles and login with the Popcorn Time.

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Popcorn Time VS Netflix

Popcorn Time and Netflix both are same type of applications but Netflix is a premium application and is legal to use.

But other side Popcorn Time stream torrents links and its content is illegal in most of the countries.

Also, Netflix will cost you a certain amount as a monthly membership cost for their content but Popcorn Time is open source, and users are not required to pay anything.

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Is App Legal?

The answers depend on the country where you live, if torrenting is legal in your country then yes the app is legal to use but if not, then the app is illegal.

The app streams and downloads torrents links and it is illegal in most of the countries like United States, United Kindom, Germany, etc.

Especially in Germany if you find using this app, you will get an instant warning from your ISP and later authorities can take some legal against you.

Because your ISP knows what you are streaming and from where. So there are chances that you could be fall into any trouble for using Popcorn Time.

If you want to save yourself from any kind of negative possibilities then we will recommend you to use a good VPN service to hide your location and identity.

Popcorn Time Download Free For Mac

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Revenue Model Of The App

As you know Popcorn Time is an open source so they are not making any money by selling subscriptions. Also, the app is ad-free, so they are not making with advertisements too.

To generate money from the app they sell their VPN service to the users. That is why they show you the warning message repeatedly and recommend you to buy their VPN service.

Using their VPN network is not compulsory. Users can use any VPN Network as per their choice.

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Is App Safe To Use?

In terms of viruses and malware, yes the app is safe to use. The app does not contain any kind of virus or malware which gonna affect your device.

But make sure you are downloading the real Popcorn Time APK file from the official source which is “popcorntime.app”.

But in terms of privacy, you are not safe as I explained above. If the app is illegal in your country then there may be some consequences of using the app. So better use a VPN to stay safe.

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What If The App Is Not Working?

If the app is not working then the first thing which we will recommend you to go to their official subreddit and check recent posts that others are also facing the same problem or you are alone.

Some time due to recent updates and any technical problem the app may stop working. In this case, you will see active posts related to the error on their subreddit account. Here you will also find, what you need to do to fix the error.

Popcorn Time Mac App

If There Is No Recent Thread About error

In this case, first, go to the app setting and check for the update. If you are not using the latest version then please update it.

If your app is up to date

Popcorn Time App Download Free Mac Pc

In this case, you have to uninstall the app and install any previous version which you can find on the official site, “popcorntime.app”

Popcorn Time App Free Download

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