Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. It supports data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets with range queries, bitmaps, hyperloglogs, geospatial indexes with radius queries and streams. Connect to Redis high-performance data stores from popular Mac applications like FileMaker Pro and Office for Mac. Version: 20.0.7587 Modified: Size: 11.1 MB Download Trial Download Full. Preface Redis is a high-performance key value database. The emergence of redis, to a large extent, compensates for the lack of key / value storage such as memcached. In some cases, it can play a good complementary role in relational database. Using ANSI C language to write, support network, can be based on memory. Download latest exe package from release or gitee in China, double click to install. Download latest AppImage package from release or gitee in China, chmod +x, double click to run. Download latest dmg package from release or gitee in China, double click to install. Or by brew: brew cask install another-redis-desktop-manager.

How to install Redis on Mac OS. Before installing redis let’s give you a quick introduction to redis.

What is Redis

Redis is an open source, in-memory data structure store, used as database, cache and message broker.

Redis supports multiple data structures such as

i) Strings
ii) Hashes
iii) Lists
iv) Sets
v) Sorted sets with range queries
vi) Bitmaps
vii) Hyperloglogs and geospatial indexes with radius queries.

Apart from supporting following data structures it has built-in replication, Lua scripting, LRU eviction, transactions and different levels of on-disk persistence, and provides high availability via Redis Sentinel and automatic partitioning with Redis Cluster.

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How to Install Redis on Mac OS


Redis mac download appDesktopRedis

Install Redis using HomeBrew

If you have installed HomeBrew on you mac system then simply type following command.


Install Redis without using HomeBrew

If you don’t have homebrew no issues, let’s install redis without using homebrew.