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Google SketchUp 8.0.16846 Change Log

# The following changes were made:
* We have new versions of both SketchUp and SketchUp Pro for the following languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese. We have new SketchUp versions of Russian and Dutch.
* Windows: We fixed a bug in the DWG exporter that was preventing 2D from exporting properly.
* Mac: Drop down menus on the Dynamic Component Options dialog were missing arrows, making it hard to know that they could be “dropped down” to show different options. This issue should now be fixed.
* Mac: The new installer did set some folder permissions incorrectly. This issue should now be fixed.
* Ruby: Extension creator/copyright was incorrect when an extension creator/copyright was not specified. Previously, when a Ruby extension did not specify a creator via the extension.creator and extension.copyright methods, the extension defaulted to being created by “SketchUp” with a copyright attributed to “Trimble Navigation Limited.” With M5, the creator/copyright fields are left blank in this case.
* LayOut
- We have new versions of LayOut for the following languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Portuguese.

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Starting with SketchUp Pro 2020 there is only one installer for all available languages, and it downloads the selected language at the time of installation. After you've downloaded your file below, you'll likely want to read how to Install and Activate SketchUp Pro.

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Attention: Installing SketchUp 2020 for Windows will require the following system files if they're not already present on the target machine. Don't worry, the SketchUp Installer will attempt to install them if you need them. You must be online for these files to be installed.

Important Note about Graphics Cards and hardware requirements: We recommend having the most current drivers installed for your graphics card(s), and that you check to see if your computer meets our hardware requirements.

How many devices can I authorize with my single-user plan? A single-user license or subscription seat can only be used by the one registered/assigned user, but that user can activate their license or sign-in on 2 computers!

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There are two versions of the SketchUp installer, a version which requires an internet connection (links above) and a larger installer which includes all of our supported languages which will allow you to install without an Internet connection.

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Need to perform a Silent Installation? Check out our article on how to do it.