Tclkit is a compact, single file executable containing a complete scripting runtime, including a rich scripting language (Tcl), a high-level GUI toolkit (Tk), a powerful object system (IncrTcl), the Tcl Virtual File System (TclVFS), and an embedded high-performance database (Metakit).

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With binaries available for dozens of Windows, Macintosh, and Unix platforms, Tclkit is the easiest way to develop and run scripting code, and is the engine powering Starkits, an incredibly portable single file deployment solution for your applications.

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2020-04-20Latest versions of Tclkit are at Google Code

Tcltk mac free download. Modular Single-set Enrichment Test The Modular Single-set Enrichment Test (MSET) is a randomization testing script written in R that al.

Been there for some time now. Visit that area for latest source code and binaries.

  • Tcl tk windows free download. Tcl Tool Command Language (Tcl) is an interpreted language and very portable interpreter for that langua. Executables can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android; source code is also available. An active community maintains and extends the system. Maxima is widely used: annual direct downloads exceed.
  • Tcl tk free download - TCL, TK Browser, TCL Connect, and many more programs. Enter to Search. My Profile Logout. CNET News Best Apps Popular Apps.
  • Tcl/Tk is open source (based on a BSD-style license), so you can use it and modify it virtually any way you want, including for commercial uses. Here is the Tcl source distribution license, but be sure to check the license for any particular distribution you use. This is the main Tcl Developer Xchange site,
2020-03-11Tclkit 8.4.18 and 8.5.1 released

There are new builds of Tclkit 8.4.18 and 8.5.1 for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Tclkit is a tool for building applications in Tcl/Tk and then deploying them in a simple, robust, and fully self-contained manner. It is the runtime for a growing number of applications, by a growing number of Tcl/Tk developers.

  • Need Tcl/Tk on your machine? Tclkit is the fastest and easiest way to get it there. There is no installation involved.
  • Someone sent you an application as a 'starkit'? Tclkit is all you'll need to run it (also see the Starkit archive for a growing number of other applications)
  • Need to test or deploy on several platforms? The same scripts or Starkit will run exactly the same under the Tclkit specific to each platform.
  • Need to completely 'wrap' your application? You can easily bundle a platform-specific Tclkit with your generic Starkit to create a single platform-specific binary of your application... even create binaries for dozens of platforms from a single machine.

For a good read about how deployment works out with Tclkit and Starkits, see Mark Roseman's Creating Easy-to-Deploy Unix Applications for OS X article.

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