Telegram for Mac 0.10.11 Released: 3rd Nov 2020 (a few seconds ago) Telegram for Mac 0.10.6 Released: 3rd Nov 2020 (a few seconds ago) Telegram for Mac 0.10.1 Released: 3rd Nov 2020 (a few seconds ago). Telegram Desktop Fast and secure desktop app, perfectly synced with your mobile phone. Get Telegram for Windows Portable version for Windows Get Telegram for macOS Mac App Store version. Received files location on Mac? And its always saved in '/Downloads/Telegram Desktop' for me. 2 points 2 years ago. There's a downloads folder. They are saved in the document folder inside the telegram folder. You can find the telegram folder with your file explorer app: Telegram Telegram Documents. But these videos won't be saved with the original name but rather with a long numerical n.

7.2 2020-10-30

  • Multiple Pinned Messages
  • Pin several messages in any chat, including one-on-one chats.
  • Jump between pinned messages or open them all on a separate page via the top bar.
  • Playlists and More
  • Send several music tracks as a playlist.
  • View detailed statistics about the performance of individual posts in your channels.
  • Send a :slot_machine: emoji to any chat to try your luck.

7.1 2020-10-02

  • Anonymous Group Admins
  • Turn on 'Remain Anonymous' in an admin's Permissions to let them post on behalf of the group and become invisible in the list of members.
  • Channel Comments
  • Comment on posts in channels that have a discussion group.
  • Get notified about replies to your comments via the new Replies chat (if you are not a member in the discussion group).
  • Silent Messages, now in Secret Chats
  • Send messages silently in Secret Chats by holding the Send button.

7.0.1 2020-09-07

  • Yes, Video Calls (alpha version)
  • Telegram turns 7 years old!
  • Thank you for your support over all these years. Because of you, this year Telegram reached 400 million active users and is now one of the top 10 most downloaded apps in the world.
  • To celebrate our 7th anniversary together, we are launching the first version of the feature you’ve been asking for – ultra secure and fast Video Calls.

6.3.1 2020-07-31

Telegram mac download folder windows 10
  • Telegram is now among the top 10 most downloaded and most used apps in the world.
  • Increased limits for sending files
  • Share and store unlimited files of any type, now up to 2 GB each.
  • Profile Videos
  • Set a Profile Video instead of a static picture.
  • Quickly change back to a previous profile photo or video by tapping ‘Set as Main’.
  • Mini-thumbnails, Group Stats and More
  • See what media is in a message thanks to new mini-thumbnails in the chat list, message search and notifications.
  • View detailed statistics for the large groups you own.
  • If you're getting too much attention, flip a switch in Privacy and Security settings to automatically archive and mute all new chats from non-contacts.
  • Send a single football emoji to see if you score a goal.

6.2.5 2020-07-22

  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

6.2.3 2020-06-18

  • Better GIFs
  • Enjoy greatly enhanced loading times for GIFs.
  • Quickly find GIFs in emoji-based sections covering the most popular emotions.
  • Check the Trending Tab for the top reactions of the day.
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

6.1.4 2020-05-07

  • Bug fixes and other improvements.

6.1.2 2020-04-30

  • Access Shared Media faster from fully redesigned profile pages.
  • Use the new brush tools in the photo editor to draw on photos when sending or editing.
  • If you have too many folders, try the alternative mode with folder tabs on the left.
  • Send a single dart emoji to see if you hit the bullseye.
  • Add explanations that appear after users respond to a quiz question.
  • See how much time you have left to answer a question from @QuizBot with the new countdown animation.
  • Quiz Creator Contest
  • Participate in Telegram's €400,000 contest by using @QuizBot to create and publish an educational test on any subject.

6.0 2020-03-30

  • Chat Folders and More
  • Organize chats into Chat Folders if you have too many chats.
  • Create custom folders with flexible settings, or use default recommendations.
  • Pin an unlimited number of chats in each folder.
  • Archive chats to hide them from 'All chats'. Muted chats will always stay in the Archive.
  • View detailed statistics about the growth of your large channels and the performance of their posts.
  • Send to any chat to try your luck and get a random number from the animated dice.
  • Send , , , , , , , , , or to try out the new animated emoji.

5.9.3 2020-02-23

  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

5.9.2 2020-02-20

  • Increased stability, optimized memory usage.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • The oracle would like to know what you think of the color blue.

5.9.1 2020-01-23

  • Polls 2.0: Open Polls, Multiple Answers, and Quiz Mode
  • Create three new kinds of polls.
  • See who voted in Open Polls with non-anonymous results.
  • Vote for several options in polls that allow Multiple Answers.
  • Try to guess the correct answer in Quiz-style polls.
  • Explore various ways of combining the different poll options.
  • Just like before, you can add polls from the attachment menu in any group or channel.

5.8.1 2019-10-30

  • Mute chats for a specific time.
  • Switch between accounts from the improved status bar menu.
  • Enjoy improved design and animations (e.g. try clicking and holding on a sticker to preview).
  • Look for new bugs that were introduced while we were fixing the old ones.

5.8 2019-10-22

  • Enhanced design and other improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

5.8 2019-10-21

  • Enhanced design and other improvements.

5.7 2019-09-09

  • Hold the 'Send' button and select 'Schedule Message' to automatically send something at a specified time.
  • Schedule reminders for yourself in the 'Saved Messages' chat.
  • Get a notification when any of your scheduled messages are sent.
  • Choose a custom accent color and quickly create a new theme in Settings > Appearance.
  • Share your themes with other users on Telegram across platforms.
  • Update your theme for all its users when you change something.
  • Choose who can find you on Telegram when they add your number to their phone contacts.
  • Share documents to Telegram from your favorite apps using the Share Extension.
  • Send a single , , , , or to check out what's new in the animated emoji department.

Don’t know how to save files from telegram? Don’t worry; we are here to help you. In this article, we are going to learn how we can collect data from telegram messenger — files like audio, videos, images, etc. No matter on which platform you are using telegram. Here we will learn for Android, iOS, Windows platforms. These three are the most popular and big platforms.

Nowadays, telegram overgrowing and presenting a good alternative of WhatsApp and messaging apps. Telegram has a lot of exciting features that we are not able to see in other apps. Like telegram channels, groups, bots, stickers, secret chats, custom themes, reminders, scheduled messages, etc. That is why peoples are connecting with this multi-featured app.

Still, you are not aware of the telegram app, and its functionalities read our guide category for more knowledge. Okay its time to start our guide, I hope it will be helpful for you.

How to save files from the telegram?

Its time to learn exact steps to save our files on Android, iOS, windows/web. Here we are going to share the original or official way to download files from telegram. We do not recommend any third party software or app to download any file. Read all the steps carefully.

    1. On Android

      1. Click on the file or open the file.
      2. Click on three dots in the top right corner of the file.
      3. Choose to save to downloads/gallery.
  1. On iOS

    1. Click on the file or open the file.
    2. If the media type is Video or Image, then tap on the share icon, which is present in the bottom left.
      • Then choose the “Save to Camera Roll” option.
    3. For other types of files: you’ll have the Share icon on the top right corner.
      • Tap on that and save it wherever you want (Files, Dropbox, etc.)
  2. On Windows/Web

    1. Right-click on the file and choose to save (filetype) as an option.

Okay, friends follow these steps to save files in your device. I hope these are very simple to understand and easy to implement. All actions are straightforward to follow; you can easily save your files. Also, we created a few more guide articles for you.


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Where Telegram files stored in our device?

Valid Question, Right? It is another query where telegram files are stored. Generally, we listen to telegram is cloud storage based app. But what will happen when we open a file or download a media file to view it. And why we need to save a file in the gallery or wherever. Let’s understand the whole cycle.

When someone sends us a file on telegram, that means its store in telegram cloud servers. Then we have to download this file to open/view it. But when we see a file in the app only, that is not visible in the gallery or video player.

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Why is it not visible, and So, where it store itself?

These files are present in a telegram folder as tempory files — that why In the first look, these are not visible. You can find these files in a telegram folder. Have a look,

Go to the file manager>Telegram>Telegram Docs/Telegram Videos/Telegram Audio/Telegram Images.

The above way is the absolute path to find these files.

So what we learn here?

We can also find these files without saving in the gallery.

Can we view these files in the gallery without saving them?

Yes, you can view these files also, but you have to follow some steps to see them in the gallery or wherever you want. As I said, these files are present as temporary files. So our device is not showing them. You have to copy or cut a file and paste it outside the telegram folder. That is the way to see or access these files without saving in the gallery.

Let’s summarize

Telegram For Mac Os

So friends here, I explained every possible detail about files of telegram. A step by step guide, How to save files from telegram. Also, we learned how these files are present in the file manager. And how we can see these files in the gallery without saving in the gallery.

If you have telegram related Query and problems, please share with us on Ask a Question Page. Also, you share your ideas and other telegram related stuff in the comment section. You can also follow our facebook page and join our telegram channel to get the latest updates and quick solution of bugs.