The Binding of Isaac is an Indie game created by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl. It was released on the digital distribution platform Steam on September 28, 2011. The player controls a nude crying child named Isaac or one of five other unlockable characters (six as of the Wrath of the Lamb expansion). After his mother is given a message from God commanding her son be sacrificed as proof of. The game's save data is contained in two files, both of which need to be moved between computers in order to get everything migrated properly. These files are so.sol and serial.tx. 1 On Windows: 2 On the Mac (Steam Purchase): 3 On Linux: 4 How serial.txt works 4.1 Unlocked Secrets 4.2 Controls Settings and Stats 4.3 Items Collected 4.4 Bosses Killed 4.5 Floors Completed 4.6 Mini-Bosses Killed.

50 MB

The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb (game, roguelite, twin-stick shooter) Released 2012. Ranked #402 game of 2012 among Glitchwave users. For material modified or added to by The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb DLC. One Makes It Larger! To see more of it, click the links below for specific letters, or click the 'Next' (or 'Prev') links.

Developer: Edmund McMillen

Release date: 2011

Version: 1.0r5 + Full Game

Interface language: English

Tablet: Not required

Platform: Intel only

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The Binding of Isaac is an indie roguelike video game designed by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl, initially released in 2011 for Microsoft Windows; the game was later ported for OS X, and Linux operating systems. The game's title and plot are inspired by the Biblical story of the Binding of Isaac. In the game, Isaac's mother receives a message from God demanding the life of her son as proof of her faith, and Isaac, fearing for his life, flees into the monster-filled basement of their home where he must fight to survive. Players control Isaac or one of eleven other unlockable characters through a procedurally generated dungeon in a roguelike manner, fashioned after those of The Legend of Zelda, defeating monsters in real-time combat while collecting items and power-ups to defeat bosses and eventually Isaac's mother.

The game was the result of a week-long game jam between McMillen and Himsl to develop a The Legend of Zelda-inspired roguelike that allowed McMillen to showcase his feelings about both positive and negative aspects of religion that he had come to discover from conflicts between his Catholic and born again Christian family members while growing up. McMillen had considered the title a risk but one he could take after the financial success of Super Meat Boy, and released it without much fanfare to Steam in September 2011, not expecting many sales. The game soon gained popularity partially as a result of various Let's Play videos showcasing the title. McMillen and Himsl released an expansion 'Wrath of the Lamb' in May 2012, but were limited from further expansion due to limitations with the Flash platform. They had started working with Nintendo in 2012 to release a 3DS version, but Nintendo later backed out of the deal, citing controversy over the game's religious themes.

Developer Nicalis worked with McMillen in 2014 to complete a remake of the game, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, bringing additional features that McMillen had planned that exceeded Flash's limitation, as well as to improve the game's graphics and enable ports for other systems beyond personal computers, including PlayStation 4 and Vita, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and the Nintendo Switch. McMillen later worked with James Id to develop The Legend of Bum-bo, which serves as a prequel to The Binding of Isaac.

Screenshots from the game The Binding of Isaac

System requirements The Binding of Isaac for Mac Os:

  • OS: OS X 10.5.8, 10.6.3 or later
  • Processor: Intel Mac 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard disk: 50 MB free space

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Beat Mom for the first time with a good ol' Tech run

I swear admin I had MAJOR data loss now I just unlocked it lives and ??? with 10 mom kills and it reset PLEASE HELP

I'm sorry about this loss, haven't you accidentally cleared some browser data by chance? I'm trying to find a solution on the internet, but there is not much info about that version of Isaac.

(ok i got guppy not guppy's head it's a little mistake)

is the game breaking bug familiar in this version?

admin can you post the swf file to play this game and possibly some software thats not an extension but maybe a .exe file for goolge so i can play it?

I'll send you a link to download Isaac game (swf file). It won't work on default in most of the browsers, so you have to find some flash player to play swf.

I've found a couple of good ones, I'll post links and instructions within a week.

Do not take brimstone it is a run ruiner in this version

So admin, i don't mean to brag, but here's my luckiest run ever with the doctors revenge (Wasn't easy at the end.) So i started my run and gained Guppy's paw. (The key item to winning) and got guppy's head. i defeated mom, mom's heart and Satan all in ONE Run.i was so relieved. it was my last life! anyway, got a bunch of stuff and unlocked Judas (No more character glitch). now i have all characters but ONE. i got 2 more endings. ending 11 and 2.

Good progress, but there are harder bosses ahead (like Mega Satan).

Wow admin. Thanks for helping my problem and not just ignoring it. Thanks a lot you really helped -_-

Haven't got much time lately, did you solve the problem? Also, you did leave your contact email empty for me to help with your problem.

But there is also Mega Satan. It's not easy at all, I haven't beat him yet.

Thanks for asking. Mostly people don't celebrate Halloween in our country, also because of pandemia we were at home. That kinds sucks, but it's ok, I was playing some games with Halloween content.

Good game, I'm surprised that you got a game with it's paid dlc on this site

i tried to replay and i got an error that said a script stopped working and may cause my laptop to become unresponsive lol XD

sure but thank NORDV (LEIF REAL) for this: (See his comment below)

Sorry but I just copied and pasted this and also dont leave the tap because then it will reset progress

Updating it so comments don't reload the page is awesome!! The first time I almost beat the game I put a comment without realizing it and lost all my progress... This should help a lot.

The Binding Of Isaac Wrath Of The Lamb Download Mac

I should have done it from the start, thanks for the suggestion from the players who lost their run because of that.

CAIN SECRET: since hes missing an eye your shots as him will aim at only the object you want. isaacs tears go from both eyes making it a little bit harder to hit things.

Using some kind of custom software or older version of browsers.

i am a starter can someone give me advice

I beat Mom's heart, I was on one heart, but had no adrenaline.

gotta love the Whore of Babylon!

character glitch to play as judas for free: spam left and right between cain and judas and press space on judas to play as him.

fun isaac fact #1. (This maybe a little obvious.) Blue baby, or ???, is isaac suffocating in the chest.

I click to run the flash player and it doesn't load. On the top right corner of the site, near the padlock that appears with Https, there's a lego block. When i click it, it says 'Do you want to allow adobe flash to run on this site? Only allow adobe flash on sites you trust.' i click allow but nothing happens! Flash doesn't load and the lego brick stays there even if i click allow again!

do you know how i can play the binding of isaac afterbirth or rebirth in a school computer ??

thank u


(who else makes 3 comments in a row?) Hey admin, are you able to port the original? (Not rushing tbh and ngl)

hey try this out guys! when your in the middle of going in a new level and your holding a joker press q and it will teleport you to a devil room

I have pressed to run the flash plugin and the game box turned white. I looked at the network tab but it's doing nothing and it's at 0%. What do i do?

Are you sure it's 0%? Please do as in this screenshot so we can figure out the problem together:


Game starts when 3801.swf is loaded and shows 26MB size. If it shows 'fail', refresh the page.

I think that problem may be because server is in Europe, while many players are from USA. I'll try to use CDN next week, that should help.

Then what browser are you using?

How do i know the game's loading? When i press to load the flash player, the game box turns white, is that normal?

Yes, white screen will dissapear only when game is loaded by 90%. If you want to know exactly how much of the game is loaded, inspect the page (if you are using Google Chrome) and go to Network tab. You should see .swf file loading progress, including its size and speed.

From now on, adding comment will not refresh the page.

Hey admin, guess what i got? MAGGIE! (including sammmy boi, cain the money bag, and eve, 2 birds one stone (used a character glitch to play as judas -.-)

can you find a way to find the binding of isaac rebirth + on this website please

Playing Rebirth or Afterborth online is impossible, as they are nor Flash nor neither HTML5 games.

*me sitting here reading the comments, waiting for the game to load*

*scrolls back up and realizes I didn't turn on flash and wasted five minutes*


hi i love this game 100 out of ten and my favorite charcter is judas and cain also blue baby,also thanks for making this site admin its awsome

how do I drop stuff

You can't drop trinkets, you can only replace them

can I save the game plzzzz :[

You can't save the game to continue it next day, but your progress (characters, secrets) is saved.

did anyone else take a screen shot of the golden poop

did any one else keep on getting really good lute but then died cause the game was lagy asf

Well I did it. After weeks of grinding, I finally got The Polaroid and went inside The Chest. It was a long and fun journey and now its going to end. I'll be fighting against the Blue Baby (???) boss soon. If I win this will be my final game of Isaac.

How to win:

The game is hard, but after a few attempts you'll eventually beat the 'final boss' Mom. After that you'll start the real game. Unlocking new bosses, characters, items and more. The new final boss is now Mom's heart. After defeating Mom's heart 9 times you'll unlock a new final boss; It Lives. The boss is essentially a harder version of Mom's heart. After defeating It Lives you'll unlock two new worlds; The Cathedral and Sheol. The Cathedral is a heaven like realm where the boss is yourself, Isaac. In sheol the boss is Satan. After defeating Isaac 6 times you unlock a new item (trinket) called The Polaroid. While holding The Polaroid you'll be able to jump inside the end chest without ending the game, instead you'll descend into The Chest world. This is the final stage of the game, and defeating the boss; Blue Baby (???) will also end the saga. It's hard and sometimes repetitive but seeing your character becoming this absolut unit at the end stages of the game is so extremely cool and addicting. I love this game, and honestly I think you will love it as well. But i'm warning you, i'm not joking around when I say that the game is addicting.

Now for some info. Completing this will approximately take 14 hours. Have fun.


Great work! Thank you for all the advices. I'm currently at 'It lives' stage. But I'm sure that I played more than 14 hours, TBH.

I just killed THE FREAKING LAMB. It took some grinding. Especially getting the negative.

first devil room with krampus i so unluky

thank you for existing admin. & thanks for making this copy of tboi,wotl

is there a way to skip intro

got to the depths and the game froze. had to reload but my game did NOT save. this kinda sucks

Ssory, flash version of Isaac is quite laggy on slow computers.

hey admin i was wondering if you can make the game loading come on a little faster. If you cant thats fine to i was just wondering

If flash could stay in cache, then loading the game for the second time would be instant. But for some season cache doesn't work with flash (maybe because of 40MB size?). I tried everything but no success.

I really like this game. But I am able to beat Mom. It is really slow loading though.

how do i use cards i cant manage too find the right button

Pressing Q is for using card. You can see a letter Q above the card picture.


hey, how do I get it to stop needing me to reload the page it? freezes and makes me reload and I lose all of my progress and its making me mad

please fix the data loss I cant stand it, I beat the game 5 times and unlocked every character and it reset on me please fix it ;(

dude I've been waiting 10mins and its still not loaded

the admin beast mode always

See you peopel do the simple things but me i go and put my self at half a heart and take all the bad pills no tresher rooms and no boss drops also i go as issac.

Challenges go brrrr

Everybody is saying that Afterbirth + is harder, but I got it earlier today for my birthday, and I am personally finding it much easier than this game, but this game is absolutely amazing! just sad that flash is going away though...

Good luck with Afterbirth! I think that Afterbirth has more feautures and some combination of them could make Isaac invulnerable. But Afterbirth may be harder because of bigger bosses and hard mode.

my school chromebook uses lightspeed systems to block stuff.

please find a way to make it to where it is disguised as an educational thing?

admin is there a way to download this game for a school chromebook so i can play it after flash goes away?

Yes, you can download the SWF file and to play it, you will need some software. You can also use older version of broswers to play the game on this site.


got all of cain's unlocks done, 5 more characters to go till i have every character unlock then i'll have to move to the challenges then finally just keep playing till i get every item listed down

It actually works of school computers been playin for about 4 hours

30 mom kills later and i finally beat blue baby, brimstone polyphemus really came in clutch

yall suck ive beeten blue baby like 20 times. also support my favorite binding of isaac youtuber, Sinvicta. this guy does amazing content for isaac

i did too i beat mom!!!

WrathThe Binding Of Isaac Wrath Of The Lamb Download Mac

Game is awesome, but whenever I get a starting item that starts with another Item,

that item ALWAYS self-uses. Bug?

man mom's knife + sacred heart was a godsend run for me, literally one shot everything but isaac

Thanks for uploading this! MacOS Catalina doesn't support 32-bit apps anymore so I have no way of playing Rebirth and Afterbirth or even Wrath of the Lamb anymore. This is my only source of Isaac content now, so thank you!


admin is there a way to upload the binding of isaac rebirth or afterbirth ?

Rebirth and Afterbirth aren't flash, so we can't play them online. You can buy them on Steam.

Quick question Admin : Is there a way to input a seed. I know that there is secret seeds that do different things, but I am wondering if this is on the flash game. I don't think it would because their isn't a place to store everyone's information together, so seeds wouldn't exist. If I am wrong, please let me know. Thank you for this game, your possible feedback, and everything you do. Have a great rest of your day from Wisconsin.

Good question. Sadly, there are no seeds in this version. Maybe it's because of flash limitation, as you said - it was quite laggy at the time it was created (2012) so adding more features would slow the game even more. I also think that seed feature was released in later versions after requests from the players. And thank you for your warm wishes.

Dang it. I unlocked Madgaline and got super far into the game when it froze... I had to reload the webpage and it didn't save my game, so I no longer have Madgaline. Love the game still though! Hope you're doing well, Admin!


hahaha lol i think i got the most ezist win in a boss battle

...finally got to the womb level and got friggin killed by Lokii... uuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhh I WAS SO CLOSE. SO FRIGGIN CLOSE. how on earth do you guys beat it???

After learning the pattern, bosses aren't that hard. Also, sometimes you may be very lucky with the loot and become almost invincible in the end of the game!

I guess not, as there is no Hard mode in the game.

it wont work it is all grey and i cant see anything but it is a god game still

Grey screen appears on 75% loading. You should wait couple more minutes.

tips on how to beat the purist challenge?

Thank, it's fun to be able to play a good old game, now I want to buy it on steam

admin can u try to get enter the gungon since u cant get afterbirth and rebirth on this u prob cant get enter the gungon but can u try? i wanna see how its like

I don't know what how to do that, actually. I'm not a Isaac creator, I just uploaded flash on my site and played it a little to test game working.

can anyone tell me how to go to the cathdral and blue baby i wanna get the dice item and the blue baby character

admin, I love this game and almost have the entire game done and what will you do when flash stops being supported.

All the games will remain on site for 2 year at least. Some people may use older browsers or any other tools to play these games.

I'm sending you email to figure out reasons for that.

Amazing game! I try to play it every day I can and i've recently beat moms heart and on that same run I got samson and cain, not trying to flex but still, anyway have an amazing day and keep up the good work!

It's ok, we just have some Internet issues in our country, so I can't respond to all the questions in time.

Umm i typed a long commet earlier and now my screen is broken why is that admin?


eve is the hardest to play as for me lol

lol beat mega saten and got cain

I kep seeing people say this game is hard but as soon as you figure out the mechanics its super easy. Try playimg afterbirth+ and come back lol

Afterbirth+ also has hard difficulty mode and more challenges.

did you get rid of cach none of my characters are unlocked

The Binding of Isaac - Wrath of the Lamb

is a really really great game like I would like to play this all day everyday.

woah just got my first angel room love this game (its so hard though, I haven't beaten it once)

What are your plans for when Flash becomes obsolete? Will the game still be available?

The game will be available. I will not delete any game on this site so anybody could play it with old browsers or with any other tool to run flash.

lokey i was going to beat mom until i died i even had nine lifes

admin can you see if you can get afterbirth or rebirth for flash too? great game btw

These versions aren't flash, so there is no way to place them on site.

Where do you get the Polaroid again? I should have unlocked it and have been going thru multiple runs and having no luck on it, considering I have the whole pic on home screen?

What a great game for virtual/hybrid school. Thank you, admin

why is my first gold door locked on lv 1

That never happened to me. Are you playing challenge mode?

My stats aren't being recorded. Mainly just mom kills, it says I have 0 but I have a lot more than that.

What about other stats? You get mom kill conter when you kill Mom's heart (level 8 boss), not just Mom (level 6 boss)

Yes it is.

i love this game sooo much but how do i drop trinkets?

You can't drop trinket, sadly. You can only replace them. Google says you can hold CTRL for a few seconds in Rebirth version, but this doesn't work in current version (you will drop bomb as soon as you press CTRL)

You can't change characted in challenge, that's why it's a challenge. Sometimes you have to play with very weak character and beat Mom or Mom's heart to complete it.

also this game is pretty good its just that the bosses are so hard,can you add more hp to the characters?Or make them easier to get.

This game was released in 2008, nothing will change in current version.

Why does it make me lose my progress when i refresh???

The progress shouldn't be lost, check your browser settings. The game was running fine on Google Chrome latest version.

why isnt it working why blank grey screen

You have to wait a little longer. Gray screen appears approximately at 50% loading time.

thanks for creating such a good game. Took me weeks to finish it. Afterward I was pretty sad that I completed it. However, I am now a fan of the series! THANKS SM!

Edmund McMillen is a hero of our time. You can watch his recent interview on youtube where he tells about creating Isaac. He is also a creator of a Super Meat Boy. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_97zYunu2w0

hey a waffle, mine does that too at first, mine's just loading. Yours may be doing the same thing.

admin i wonder did you complete the game these bosses are hard

I played the game long time ago (in 2014) for a couple of months but haven't completed it on 100%. Completed half of the challenges and did not beat Mega Satan. Maybe I'll continue my progress, but right now I don't have much time to play games.

how do you get the polaroid i have the whole picture on home screen

this is definitely the best site to play the binding of Isaac, thank you

it used to work for me but now all i get is big gray screen and no game does anyone know whats happening

it used to work for me but now all i get is big gray screen and no game does anyone know whats happening

Word of advice: NEVER pick up the Cursed Skull. It was the only reason I couldn't beat Monstro 2. SO ANNOYING. I WAS SO CLOSE TO BEATING HIM 5 SEPARATE TIMES!!!! So if you value your sanity, don't pick it up.

Cursed Skull seems useless, as it teleports you away and the boss HP regens.

i was bout to beat it but then i died the bosses are hard

lol the comment on the bottom from 'isaac' says it was posted 50 years ago lol i really doubt it

Thank you for mentioning this bug. It occured once, I'm not sure what caused it.

im trying hard but the bosses are hard some of them

I guess browsers constrain Flash load speed. It's about 40MB, which is not that much.

i cant believe after all these years the final DLC repandance i just cant belive mcmillan has made a game for the decades

The game was made in 2008, so yes, it's really more than a decade

The Binding Of Isaac Wrath Of The Lamb Download Macbeth

Hey admin should i get the The Binding Of Isaac The Four Souls figures what do you think?

I don't know, I haven't completed the game at 100%.

When you exit out of the site, does it save your progress? I was on catacombs 1 when I had to exit out, plus I unlocked Eve.

Why can't u skip the cut scene when u play

What version of the game is this I cant see it im in a run

Hello, I love this game very much thank you for putting this game on the site :)

Phoenix Gibbin There is a glitch in the game where that happens you should still have unlocked the counterfit penny

hi admin how are u im working on completing the game

what is gonna happen when flash is disabled

i love this game thanks for putting it on the site

Haven't search for new games lately. I'll try to find as much new games as possible close to end of this year.

i finished all of the challenges in order but when I finished Isaac was good today when I opened the chest a wierd heart appeared and i didnt aparently finish it and now the picture at the front screen is a fetus

Great work! Most of the challenges are really hard.

okay this is an op strat. When you get the d6 and find a secret room with a item petestool keep charging a reroll and youll eventualy get epic fetus

This has always been my favorite game ever the flash game or Afterbirth+ im glad i can go to it's roots

when i close the tab or reload i lose save data (i never deleted history)

Hey guys just an FYI but after you finish an awesome game round, play one more game and die right off the bat. This will save the game you just played. So say you just beat Satan and you dont want to play anymore, then hop into a game with Judas or any other character, walk into a room, and die. Then exit back to the main menu and click exit game. It won't do anything but now your game is saved! Hope this helps someone!

how did you get the game to work, all the flash versions on other sites closed around 6 ish months ago and they only appear white or black (depending on the site) when you load the game?

The game saves your statistics and progress intil you delete browser data. But you can't resume a game session after reload like in later versons of the 'Binding of Isaak' game.

greed farming is the best thing in the world of binding can anyone agree with me?

its a great game but it will get rid of all my progress and this is the second time

How do I get items if there on the lil hill thing

Its a good game I'll admit it is difficult but once you get the hang of it it's nothing.

Press Space button.

Oof i posted this and the page reset now I lost the best begining

I'm ssory. Commenting without page reload will be ready on site within 2 weeks. Thank you for mentioning this issue.

Lol I was doing Isaac was good today and the second room I go in is the spike door room thing and I got brimstone. now I live for 3 seconds and is a satanic angel

Wonderful, I got magic mush, polyphemus and brimstone as blue baby.

Beaten Mom 11 times ty for this website much faster than most flash gamesites. Only problem is that game gets slow when I get too many items that interact with each other.

all the versions i find are laggy, i was told if i go into full screen that it will be fixed but its now even going into full screen, and my game quality is all the way down, dont know what else to do, any suggestion?

Press Space button

Yes, it's hard.

is it possible to put up an earlier version of the game like rebirth

No, they are not Flash. You can find other version like Rebirth or Afterbirth on Steam.

Yo this game is dope, I have completed the game to 100% and now my life has no meaning. There is no Lamb but there is satan and blue baby. Totally worth playing for like a year.

Great game, Finally beat issac with Eve but I had the tick and not the polaroid so I couldn't go to the chest

Hey there, for anyone wondering: Yes! You can fight with Blue Baby! Not sure what about The Lamb though, haven't fought him yet.

NOOOOOOOO the flash crashed as im guppy about to beat the chest

i beat the game for my first timeee! i feel really good after all that . maaaaannn the game is really good

The Binding Of Isaac Wrath Of The Lamb Download

ended up killing mom like 10 times

Press Space

NOOOOOO! All my progress is gone! Why did this happen?

You probably accidentally cleared browsed data. I checked my own progress - nothing happened to it - same amount of death and secrets.

i've been waiting for a hour now and it had not loaded


Ssory to hear that. What browser are you using? Did you turned flash on in the setting?

I have beaten Isaac once and unlocked ??? (he is so bad). How many times do I have to beat Isaac to be able to fight ???.

I found some info how to fight him. Link:


But still, I'm not sure if current flash version has this boss.

ok so yes you can fight isaac and ??? in the chest and the final boss is in the cathedral

I actually think ??? is a boss cuz it's a character in the selection screen

Question, can you fight the lamb or ??? in this game or are Satan and Isaac the last bosses.

Couldn't find the answer on the internet. This version was released on May 28, 2012 so there is a high chance that it doesn't have that much content like in latest versions, including 'The Lamb' and '???' bosses.

never it works but is there a full screen

Yes, you can play 'The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb' fullscreen. There is a green button above a game window.

when flash goes down will this still be up? Because I cant buy the full game lol

Yes, all the games will stay on site for 2 more years. You can use older versions of browser to play flash games after December 2020

Oh and also this game literally destroys my battery life

I got polyphemus and brimstone lol, (OP!) I beat mom in 2 hits and the heart in 3 lol.

Are you going to update this game, if so then what are your plans? (i love this game but i would be happy if you added a little bit more characters)

Current browser version will stay as it is, as Flash is getting obsolete on December 2020.

Latest version of this game is available on Steam. Search for 'The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth' or 'The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth' on Steam.

The game was developed by Edmund McMillen, this site is hosting first flash version of the series.

I want to thank you, I always wanted to play The Binding of Isaac, but I can't really spend money on it. Maybe it's not Rebirth or Afterbirth, but it's still fun! I just unlocked Judas and I'm happy, I've got best run ever with Polyphemus, Habbit, 9 Volt and Book of Revelations, this combo made me pretty much invincible because every 2 times I took damage I could use Book of Revelations again.

i've unlocked 3 characters (eve, maggy, and cain) but each time i come back to this game, it hasn't saved my progress.

Somehow your browser doesn't allow to save data. Check your browser settings or maybe set them default.

yo this game is good i love it and play it all the time

Agree, this game is one of the best things made in Flash.

Yo i just wanna say thank you because this was the only website with the full game that wasn't blocked by my school.

The Binding Of Isaac Wrath Of The Lamb Download Mac Torrent

I have an averadge internet, yet after two hours of waiting the game still isnt loading.

It takes about 5 minutes with my 8Mbit internet to complete loading. Could you check any other game on this website? Just want to know if the problem is with this game exactly. What browser are you using? Did you played the game on this website before? (there was update couple days ago, so I'm looking for possible issues)

i cant skip

What are your plans for this site after flash won't be supported anymore?

Flash will be still playable on older versions of browsers so flash games will stay on the site for two more years at least. Close to December 2020, I will try to follow best strategies of larger sites like Armorgames, Newgrounds or Kongregate.

The flash permission is no longer asked and it won't load after many minutes. It didn't do this a few days ago :(

Your browser probably turned Flash Player off. To enable it again, follow the instructions on a top of a page (above a game).

Also, after your comment I realized that I turned caching off after update, which means that every time you reload a page, your flash files have to load again. I've turned caching back on, so now games should start faster.

I'm using microsoft edge and I did had flash turned on and I have a very good pc

Flash is turned off by default in most browsers. To enable it in Microsoft Edge, follow the instructions on this page:


It took me about 5 minutes to load the game in Microsoft Edge.

The game is working fine. It takes some time to load, because the game weights 40MB, which is much larger size than average flash game (1-5MB). Also, this game doesn't have loading indicator to you have to wait for 100% load.

This game is most popular on the site. I hope your save files didn't get lost when I refreshed site engine and design.