Express Scribe is one of the most popular choices when it comes to transcription in. Download Transcribe! 8.74 for Mac OS. Is a downloadable application assistant for music/audio-based users that is optimized to function for all the major-used operating system namely Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh. Transcribe audio to text free download - Text to Audio File, Audio Book, Express Scribe Free Transcription for Mac, and many more programs.

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There is a significant increase of the need to transcribe video to text from various sources; good transcribing software will be essential to produce efficient work.


Transcribe free download - Transcribe, Express Scribe Free Transcription for Mac, Annotation Transcriber, and many more programs. Transcribe free download - Transcribe, Express Scribe Free Transcription for Mac, Annotation Transcriber, and many more programs.

The following is a list of some of the useful transcription software on the market. Here is a list of the best transcription software to use in 2016 and beyond.

Transcribe Pro

Transcribe Pro is a very first and convenient software for professional transcribers. It allows the user to enjoy the media player with the text editor, speaker tagging, and time stamp in HTML. It also helps in proofreading, which is easy and fast. You can also split the project into a small task and distribute to your teams when the document is complete.


OTranscribe allows one to transcribe without switching between QuickTime and word; it allows you to pause, rewind and fast forward using only the keyboard. It saves work to the browser automatically and has an integrated player that lets you play and transcribe videos on the same platform. You can also export to Markdown plain and Google documents.

FTW Transcriber

FTW Transcriber provides time-saving features such as automatic time stamp and good sound quality. You are allowed to try the software for free before purchasing the final product. It has an automatic adding of time stamps and time savers. It plays files in either your local drive or on remote servers without downloading the file first. Other features include hotkeys for common transcription phrases such as ‘overtaking’ and ‘unclear’, plays an enormous range of records including DSS/ds2 and has a bookmark feature.

Speaker Text

Speaker Text will transcribe and caption media text with high quality at fast and affordable rates. It has a feature called Caption Box plug-in which allows the viewers to engage with your videos and share moments. Caption Box makes it easier to find specific moments from the videos. Speaker Text allows you to manage and analyze its performance through configurable speaker text production line.

Express Scribie

Express Scribie is an audio player designed to assist in transcription of audio recordings. You can install it on the computer and control audio playback using a transcription foot pedal. It also offers valuable features for the typist including a Speed Playback file management. Express Scribie can automatically send typing to the people who had dictated it.


Transana is for researchers who want to analyze data, still image data and media data. It runs both on Windows and on OSX. Transana examines multiple simultaneous media files. It is widely used in education research community where a video is important for many researchers. Other researchers also find it useful for transcribing.


Many businesses use Dragon to transcribe single voice recordings increasing productivity while reducing the transcription cost. It has powerful transcription capabilities to turn recorded audio files into texts instantly so that you will not have to transcribe again. The new Dragon Professional Individual and Dragon Dictate for Mac, you can transcribe another single speaker voice from a podcast or a pre-recorded audio file.

Video Transcriber for Different Platforms

It is noteworthy that most of the transcription software solutions in this list are a plug and play affair. Downloading the software is quite easy, so is the installation process, which only requires you to run the software from the setup package.

Video Transcriber for Linux – VoxSigma

VoxSigma is specifically intended for professional use and handling of massive workloads. It also supports major world languages, which make it widely accessible. The Voice Isolation feature enables you to transcribe video and audio recordings with a noisy background. You can schedule you transcription tasks to be handled either in batches or in real time.

Video Transcriber Best for Windows – HyperTRANSCRIBE

HyperTRANSCRIBE is one of the most useful tools for converting audio and video into text documents fast and accurately. This great software uses QuickTime to play and transcribe and array of media file types including MPEG, MP3, WAV, and AVI. There is a pedal feature that helps you type quickly since your hands are freed.

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Video Transcriber Best for 2016 – InqScribe

InqScribe can play videos as you transcribe on the same window. It is a Unicode compliant where you can use multiple languages in the same document. It allows you to share transcript through file or email. Transcripts are saved separately from media for easy emailing. You can also use a foot pedal to control media playback while transcribing.

InqScribe is simplistic and flexible transcription software that allows you to play videos while typing in the same window. One feature that sets InqScribe apart from your average transcription software is that it can be used to create subtitles in videos. InqScribe also supports multiple languages and media files and allows you to insert time stamps and use analysis codes.

What is Video Transcription Software?

Free Transcribe Online

Virtual assistants and video transcribers will tell you that transcription is not something easy, especially if you have to do it without the help of video transcription software. On the other hand, there are software solutions out there that promise quality video subscription but deliver rock bottom. Being that as it may, choosing the right video subscription software should not be a daunting task.

Many of these solutions are standard subscription software that is tailored for WAV and MP3 file transcriptions. For example, the best software has all the necessary features any user would want in transcription software including text editing, bookmarks, playback and critical control. However, the only feature lacking in many of these tools is the Auto-transcription and voice recognition.

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Benefits of Using Video Transcription Software

  • Video transcription software is beneficial in that it can enable you to do various things including;
  • Accurately create text documents from speech recordings.
  • Create subtitles for movies.
  • Create text documents in other languages other than the language the video or audio is recorded.
  • Playback, convert and save media files in different formats.
  • The software makes it possible to deliver high-quality work; this would be impossible without quality software.

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